Tuesday, November 27, 2012

11-27-2012 Brrrr!

Now that I just may become a notable writer, my morning's refrain as not to injure my delicate fingers, rather than subject them to the riggers of using an ice scrapper upon the JD's windesheild for cleared sight for my feeding the animals, I pointed the JD towards Mecca this very AM to defrost the windsheild. HoHoHo!
Now that Fillp's once more laid off seasonally truck driving it maybe he's looking at an acting carreer to fill his spare time. Sounds like an exciting pursuit to me and I for one (besides or along side's his mother) wish him luck. His face clearly near covered with fur and looking like a wild man having just crawled out of a fallen hollow tree's log for shelter, it is rumored a movie producer just happens to like his looks. There's some folks with absolutely no taste in looks. HoHoHo!
The concrete forms almost set, rerod laying along side, we're near ready to pour cemete for another livestock watering fountain. Delightful weather here at 10* windchill factor this should be some hurried fun. Until another time...... HoHoHo!

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