Sunday, November 11, 2012

I enjoyed a First Yesterday

Took farm day off yesterday and partisipated one them Otisville loco Lion's club craftshow's. Was a good day for it as the Catholic Church just down the street also had a craftfair day of their own. Traffic was good. Myself signing up late err to late for a table I was still accepted in the lobby. Was good place to be getting'em coming and going. Ona towel drapped over a flat topped shop barstool where upon I displayed my "Santa's Reindeer Hay" books. I sold some. And directed some good souls as to were they may purchase the book around town.
The best times were my talking to the children, and inviting them to sit in on my up coming Library reading date.
Had also recieved a number of new good selling ideas.
I had also found myself the event's acting door greeter. Could be Wally World here I come for an audition.

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