Saturday, December 1, 2012

December already

We are blessed with exceptionally fair weather here. Today Fillip and I removed yesterday's poured pad forms. Covered it with two tarps last night and found the concrete still somewhat soft today. So it's recovered now to set for the next seven days. Weather so nice we’d better be getting some kind of a plan from his Lordship for the new fences requiring the fence posts settings before the ground freezes.
Other news, boss man has ordered a vehicle hoist for our shop. Expected delivered this coming Wednesday. Should be a big help getting some our truck working on/under work upon them much easier. All the way up I see oil changes and grease jobs more easily done. One the 1st projects will be dropping transmission on latest Blackee truck acquisition, for flex plate repair. Future’s changing tires will be easier. A whole lot of expected body work on both Greenee and Dumpy trucks will be so much easier worked on welding, body fillings sanding’s and paintings. I'm looking forward to much easier working conditions with this new equipment. Wish the old tire machine repair or another better one’s acquisition were as easy. Seems every thing still so much pricier than I haven’t yet become accustomed to. Spent good parts my morning and afternoon my back on ice. Today’s inflammation tours were exceptionally painful. My back feels like another evening session coming up post-hast. Got to go.
Wishing “Rainbows.”

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