Friday, December 28, 2012

12-28-2012 My Missing In Action

I guess I’ll be starting the New Year off full of disappointments. The biggest one, poor book sales. And, I’ve been writing some good stuff, to good for the blog, and open boards for lack luster reasoning’s. So I’m saving my best stuff another whimsical styled book hitting up my…err….our household’s everyday adventures. And, I’ve taken up writing another children’s story book. This will require some research and or picture takings for its many illustrations. This story will center on one barnyard animal and it’s facing life for it’s point of view.
I’ve been also working with one of my first book’s book editor. Oh boy, That is turning into a full-sized or full time job. The story line’s terrific by her measure; and it will appeal to seven and eight year old’s. Now, I’ve got two women behind me encouraging me, my writing. I hope I won’t disappoint them. Then tonight having had a weird thought crop up in my mind. I need to dig out and rewrite our wills. If for no other reason than, what if by a some chance miracle, my writing should take off.
I have found that if a lie down as much as I can, or take every opportunity alleviating the upright pressures upon my spine I feel better. This rested feeling goes right on into the next day. More time lost. Aging ain’t no picnic. Regardless it was early to bed too be it early to rise, “so to speak.”

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