Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Winter Wonderland lyric

While working the shop all day the "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" Song was sung a number of times on shop radio. It got me all misty eyed thinking about it, over it. Herr Clink and were married in December. And, that particular year Christmas was ever so much more magical for our continued blooming love.
Today's shop time saw us finally finish making fix that cussed Volk's Wiggle's (VW bug) brakes bleed and working. Then surprisingly enough, after over twenty years idly sitting in the farm yard, it started. How sweet it was running so smoothly without a hitch, pop, or a burp. Taking it for a spin around an animal less pasture it was such a fun ride to say the least. It's finally home now and covered for the night. Tomorrow Fillip can put it in the barn while I run up the road for some hay samples for my Saturday's children story telling hours at a couple local Libraries. The idea is I’ll also show the children what hay looks like that a great many animals eat.
Aurora Borealis

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