Friday, December 28, 2012

Awaking with one eye

Yup, that’s how I did it this AM my face buried in my blanky. I’d been awake sort-of one eyed watching the boob tube. I leave it on all night to help drown out all the crickets and an added over the years an assortment of other noises I haven’t been able to escape for years. “A damned nuisance if you ask me!” Oh, what the Hell? Swinging my feet over the edge of my bed is only the start. I had to make first a water haul. Followed, I scratched at the stove ashes finding coals to throw more wood upon. A piece of pine first followed with a couple hard wood pieces. Then it was to my corner where I sorted my day’s pills taking the morning’s life supporting ones getting that miserable routine out of the way. After I’d finished all this I went back to my bed for at least another hour. “Truth be known,” I feel better in the prone position anymore, but I’ve probably mentioned this before. I’d likely get up in another hour more’r’less any way.
It was another great day. One neighbor having made a batch of cookies what hadn’t turned like she wanted, she sent then over to our house. I enjoyed nibbling away most of the day. Hmm, same neighbor looks as if she’d lost some weight over the Christmas Holiday, sharpening up her figure. Then again for a bit different another good cooken neighbor just down the street, my stopping in for a priceless cup-coffee, she was something different to my aging eyes than I had seen her a few days ago. I do believe when she’d eaten a cookie (err…whatever) I’d observed she had put them on here and there rounding out her figureby at least ten maybe fifteen pounds. But, how am I to judge as I’m only an amateur observer.
Along another vane let a body get the right age, society calls same individual a senior citizen, making all kinds of miss gotten assumptions. Take for instance If I should stop what I’m doing for a moment some wise ass just has to ask, ”Are you alright?” Then there’s the weather.
During the last three days we’ve had somewhere between four to seven inches of the white stuff. Of-course, some of that stuff closest to the earth had melted making some under lying snowflakes into a greasy substance. So it was when one or the other of my feet had found a tilted bit of soil in the farmyard not one but both my feet went out from under me. My landing “Ka-splat” upon the ground rather sprawled out in a very undignified manner, another ass just had to ask me, “Did you fall down? Are you hurt?” My response, “Hell no! I haven’t fallen down! I just wanted a closer look at all the fallen snowflakes lying all over the ground.”
And so went another down…err…on the farm day.

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