Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year’s Day

The day after the night before, may the saints preserve me. We were invited out to an Eve party last night. Herr Clink lasted until roughly 10:30 PM. Then breaking my personal party indulgence, I brought her home, and going back I continued on until about 3:00 AM. I awoke just a little while ago totally exhausted. I’ve been up roughly an hour, taken my rattlers already, and wanting to go back to bed. Nuts! That won’t happen. Rat now, I got to get myself fed, dressed, my carcass fed out of here and the animals fed. Whew, so back to reality’s farm life.
We made some new friends, rubbed shoulders with until last night mostly acquaintances. This group with patience and pour sense taught me a new card game “UNO.” I was supposedly the evening’s winner sort of? But all in good faith I might have been lax upon hitting the card box which in turn might have given me an unfair advantage. Playing this game, comradory is of a very delicate nature. So called friends and foes may trade places at any time. It’s purely a game for one’s self, while delicately playing against the rest of the table’s populace. What a game! Loaded with fun the evening loaded with laughs. “Twas great medicine for almost any ailment. I personally put away to bottles wine, small bottles. (grin)
Happy New Year everbody!

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