Saturday, January 5, 2013

1-4-2013 An unintended full day

First things first. It was north we had gone for a short distance laying myself out under the bone cracker’s skilled hands. Then It was our off and running an near to burb (burb’s) for simple furnace parts. I’ve got to admit it ticked me off my going where the furnace had originally had been purchased they no longer carry parts for the firry beast. So it was another run into another burb where in I bought the principle extras for the next tune up. The second stop the merchant infored me oil furnaces are obsolete, for insurance reasons, they no longer work upon them. They even questioned whether they’ll be able to even get the simpler parts the likes I just purchased. (grrrrr)
Well the furnace got tuned up plus another late afternoon run into still a third burb for a piece of 3/16” copper pipe to field make a replacement between the furnace injector pump and the furnace nozzle’s fuel oil delivery carrier.
It was one long day our getting in after dark. Tomorrow we’ll pick up our tools, scrap (was some), left overs, draining’s, the new designated furnace parts box, and it’s added list of the tools required for the next tune up including a next time helpful flash light.

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