Thursday, January 3, 2013

We’d a coffee crisis!

Have run out of all kinds coffee yesterday. Means we got to hit the road hard. to get the usage out of the petroleum liquid energy we'll consume, we're gonna make lot-a of stops.
My chiropractor gets 2 patients today; drugstore for prescriptions for 2; grocery store for at the least regular and instant coffees plus catfoods; filling station for gas; hardware store for a couple flashlite bulbs; electrical shop looking for an easier first initial romax wire strippen operation; and, public library for Chevy truck how to fix transfer-case info (got 2 to fix). all these stops finished by noon, hopefully. Otherwise, "on the country roads again" it may be a slow day?
I must be suffering from a vitamin deficiency? My using Herr Clinks hair brush this morning I think it went away with more my hair on it than what was left on my head.
Much later same day…..
Returning home we made six connections out of seven. “Twas not to bad a morning.” The Library was a dead end stop; although, I did manage to write down some several words for renewed Chevy transfer case repair info. I guess we’ll look into the bone crusher’s offices tomorrow morning.
Shop time somewhere between the better late than never I didn’t last long my fingers miserably near cold frozen up to the second knuckle causing me to want to go home. Additionally between the beginning and end my afternoon shop time, looking over some shelves to see what more in them pigeon holes I could get rid of I spied a couple oil filter canisters. Seeing them things just a sitting up there on their shelf reminded me of the oil furnace tune up I had promised I’d do today. Nuts! So stopping by the domicile where in that particular firry dragon resided I checked that miserable beast’s canisters for their numbers. Seems when I’ve finished with the chiropractor I need to be driven into one of the burbs for filters and chimney pipe elbows. (Whoopee!) So this was another one of my grand mind boggled days in Shorthorn country. Here’s hopping I get it ALL right tomorrow?

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