Thursday, December 6, 2012

12-6-2012 Murphy's Law.....
......doesn't let everybody do it up as grand as I did!
Day started out with grain grind need. Then Bro' come up with a dumpster diving shop lifting thingy. We loaded two pickup and one pickup boxed trailer with 2x4's, particle board, chip board, plywood, and some assorted hardware's for the day's start.
When we got to it, the grind went smoothly enough in spite the Ugly truck's starter dumping with a complete smoke out. Then using the WD45 to tow truck and boxed grind down road I mistakenly tow strapped the tie rod to the WD45 bending it near all to Hell. Running the strap back over the axle returned to the tie rod, a couple quick jerks and the tie rod was near correctly straightened. Did I get it right, wrong. Hooking it all together again, dumb a$$ed me bent the tie rod all over again. The tie rod straightened a second time I finally got the tractor and truck joined and towed without further incident.
All this fun activity under approaching darkness, we even had a police escort, plus a police car ride home once we'd settle the machines and loads down for the night.
So you all may see most of you's aren't immune to dumb a$$ed stunts!

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