Thursday, December 27, 2012

A very pleasant day

Recent winds finally winding down we managed to put in an enjoyable full day without feeling as if we’re being sliced to pieces under icy knives. Our work list included finally unloading the wood hauler into the old granary used for a lumber shed. We put the doors on the Shultz Ollie cab to keep more of the winter snows out of it. Cleared some weighty ice and snow off the top of the mobile shelled corn gravity box. Getting down to the shop for an afternoon’s fun we loaded out for the granary storage more full sized plywood sized sheets of varied materials. Wanting to bring the little Ford Tractor home for putting the snow plowing back blade on it. Almost starting with a pronounce refusal we had to bring out the big guns, an charged air tank to blow the snow off the ignition system’s exterior, a can WD40 to dry out the distributor cap and wires, and a can of ether that didn’t work; yet, we had all this stuff to put away ater. The Ford eventually started we took off the posthole digger we no longer needed. The tractor implement bared we parked near the shop to grease the front spindles as neither one of us could remember when that was last done to keep winter water and subsequent steering freezing ice out of them. All said and done the spindles were in great shape. We picked up some more around about the shop, and discussed what we’re going to do with some other unwanted space taking-up junk. I did some sorting a couple boxes of clearly classified junk, most of it turned into trash for Thursday’s pickup. All in all it was a bright sunshiny day worthy of a full day’s enjoyment.

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