Sunday, December 9, 2012

12-8th-2012 Twice Times Public Speaking

I had one whale of a grand all inclusive day speaking to children in two public libraries. Why I had even had an evenig phone call from a from Maryland, USA, eight year old "Santa's Reindeer Hay" story book fan. Let me tell you all about my day.
First of all, by as much water that was flowing across the barnyards open surface drain, I'd say we had gotten a lot of rain last night, before it had turned to snow. We'd even had enough snow letting me, my feet, slid down the ramp to the drive. The flaky white stuff came down all the while I did my early morning chores. Cereal early for myself, coming back to the house I had to awaken everybody. Today was important to me. I'd been invited and booked for two children's story time speaking engagements. It was getting on to time to get going. The first engagement was in the Burton District Library, Burton a suburb of Flint, Michigan. Early enough I was more than on time. There I met a delightful young lady, brand new as this library's Librarian. Seeing her I suffered a most disturbing memory. Dark hair and eyes, fair skinned with a figure reminiscent another colleen in my own former youth, who had suffered me. Clink having gone with me I wanted to get her home so's I could slap her one on her ass. I never really intended to do it, I'd never had been to keep up with her as liking the old days.
Such a wonderful sight. To this group I sold some books which were an okay my autographing each one of them. This library had also laid out a splendid table, Christmas cookies and candy canes. Plus a big PLUS, The second library had furnished me an accompanying pianist playing softly to my spoke words. Wow!
Having to leave we headed into the general direction of home as the next Library was in the opposite direction from home. Although, roughly passing our domicile by a couple miles to lunch in Arleen’s Otisville dinner. Food was expected to be good. I even took one book inside to show to one of my waitress sweetheart’s and she turned around selling it a couple already seatet to another table. Fillip went out and brought in more books. Our tummies fattened I left my sweety another book to show it to her boss.
The second Otisville Library only a few steps away it didn’t take us long to check in. The Staff was ready for me fixing a chair me beside a decorated tree. This time my audience was a splendid mix of boys and girls. Seems like little girls are better behaving young ladies than counter parted rambunctious boys resembling little Hellions.
Had onevery handsome grandmotherly type drive all the way from the other side of the county to hear me read, autograph, and buy my book. It was a whale of a good day.
Returning home thinking very little about a grand supper. Too late to change and take on farm repairs we adopted to take naps. This went well with the other two. As three/four hours, by 7:00 PM I was to find myself drowning in my own. I managed to eat a simple wienersnitchel one hand, my other hand pinching finger holding my nose closed.
One ice pack parked under my neck, another laid over my forehead seemed to have worked for stopping my nose’s insistent bleeding. That was until about 3:00 AM the bleeding woke me straight up out of my sleep. Unable to control my bleeding I called 911. It took them guys a whole hour to get here? What if I were dying of a stroke or something. Then when they got here they wanted to argue with me as to whether they were going to take me the hospital or not. As I started to walk down the road, I figured I’d get there one way or another. They finally loaded me in and we were on the our way yellow brick road.
At the hospital a middle of the night wait seeming took forever. By the time I was attended to I had cough up all manner of grizzly looking apparitions. I was finally taken at my word, I had a problem? In spite of the toilet tissue tightly rolled up white like Tootsie Rolls shoved up my nose the bleeding still had continued down the back of my throat. A very uncomfortable feeling. All the vitals taken, an arm tapped for a drawn syringe of red extract for checking blood thinning medication, it was found to be right on 2.6 okay. Bottom line my happy home was/is to dry. Seems we need to fill a couple cast iron kettles a-top the stove to moisten our household air. Directions told, “Use no more paper up you nose. Instead pinch you nostrils together nose bleeding stops after about 20 minutes. “Said he and she/Said Doctor and Resident!” Discharged at 6:00 AM, Fillip picked up 7:30 AM, he’d gotten lost. Figures! One stop on way home for last grocery shopping missing coffee.
Home an hour and the nose bleed was back with an unrelenting fury. Finger pinching nose not working it was back to my shoving no-no toilet tissue back up my nose. Fillip taking me lying on van’s floor back to hospital, an ice pack under my neck, a second on my forehead. It was noon and doubters were beginning to gather around like vultures wetting their appetites for a feast. I sat there looking cured.
All of a sudden my not even feeling it coming my body uncontrollably shook liken an earth quack, the blood flowing like an isanomi relentlessly rolling ashore. What another mess. There was even one brilliantly colored blood clot blown from its lost home.
Home again, late evening, while them’s others had biscuits and gravy, I was reduced to sipping tomato soup and dark chocolate drink through a straw. The aparatus the Hospital Doctor had put in my nose near covers most of my face is also so very uncomfortable. Have got to see my Doc for this things removal come morning.

PS: My Frieda celebrated her 54th aniversary.
Our londevity secret, Frieda's gotten up every morning our shared life telling me how lucky I was to have gotten her. Amen!

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