Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fore Last Night

Gosh, I had made it another writer's club meeting. My presentation was awful and I was so proud of it before I had started reading it. Oh well! Having bravely continued reading it to the end I recieved some very valueable critisisim. This was about the best what had happened all day.
A bit of luck had followed ourdrive out of the city. Just making it to alast prechosen fillng station for gasoline, we must have been running on vapors, for when Fillip fueled the gastank it filled from a completely empty condition. Thankfully the price of gasoline has steadily come down tyhe last few days. Evening'slast price was a keen $3.18.9/gallon. I can't remember how many months or years ago I'd seen gasoline at this price. Only a month ago gasoline was selling for over $4.00/gallon. Such is commerace around mid-Michigan these last few days.
Had to grind yesterday. I set the machinery and Fillip did most the work all by himself. Not particularly feeling good at that start's moment, I left Fillip to it. I retired to the house hoping something'd come out of it. Bless his heart.
After lunch we removed ourselves to the shop delivering the grind along the way. Then recovering it with a new tarp. After that my daylight part of my day started going down hill. Had some bad luck working on the Bettle Buggy breaking an irreplacable part. I get to try again today to try and save it one way or another. Nuts!
There's a 10% chance of rain for today. I doubt very much we'll see a single drop unlike the USA's East coast huricane's coming ashore the upper mid Atlantic states. Looks like all our country's eastern neighbors are in for a good time.

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