Thursday, October 25, 2012

I believe in Santa

Holy smokems Mom and Dad, I wish you were here to see this, I recieved an early call this very AM to make a 4 minute appearance for my book "Santa's Reindeer Hay" on a local TV station. 'Tis perfectly okay I make the appointment for a rainy day appearance. I'm either so scared and/or excited I'm vibrating like a 1925 Fliver all over the place.
Phone call out of the way it was a run by the bank to juggle funds, then a run into Mt Morris for Buggy parts. Fillip was called to drive harvest trucks for the afternoon. I ran into another villiage to pick up some groceries. we nneded some bread for Fillips lunch bucket, baking soda for laundry, and mothballs to go around the house footings to help keep some mice at bay. A quick lunch I alone went to work on reassembling Fillip's VW Buggy. That lasted until I felt myself going brain dead somewhere about 6:00PM.
Home I'll be lucky if I can put any kind of a supper together. In the house within my home element, personally I'm ready for cooky, a glass of milk, and beddy bye....zzzzzzzzzz


Sue said...

That is thrilling, if there is a link for it later please share it here. Sue

Paula said...

How exciting!

Fernan said...

Book info at