Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cutting Labor costs

Watch your back’s, blue collar workers. If it isn’t already to late tighten up your job behavior. Manufactures are finding new reasons for reducing work forces. This the companies desires to keep their best, most productive, and loyal workers. Thus reasons to fire undesirable works without do process union protection or seniority advantage considerations. Contestable paid employee unemployment benefits include; persistent work tardiness, absenteeism, slackness, performance, station abandonment (goofing off). This to cut employer paid unemployment pay insurance benefits. Some of these fob loss benefit will be contested as many companies have been keeping uncontestable evidence of wayward behavior of undesirable employees. Number on reason tardiness, the employee could have adjust the ravel time to arrive at work in a timely fashion. It’s already working.
So cold when I came in last night I had forgoten to talk about the Cushman’s nasty disposition. It started right up, sure enough. Meanwhile, it has objected to being disturbed from it hibernating position down in the barn. The very position I had personally set aside fir it out of my kind heart. Ingreat machine refused to be hurried along, even objected moving any light loads I had expected it to move around the places her for me. Last, I left it last night, I thought I had heard it muttering about my cold hearted working conditions I’ve put it under, And, it doesn’t want to be disturbed until Spring again. (grumble-grumble) Cold hearted machine, particularly after all I’ve done for it.
Co …co ….co …..col…cold out here today. Temperature’s rising and so were the winds. Can’t win one for loosing on the other. Spent most of the day trying to get the oil pressure up in the gasser Ollie. It was a no go. Will likely close up the under side that tractor and add heat of some kind tomorrow. Meanwhile, had to drive the JCB from the other end to here, to feed the ladies. By the time I got back into the warmth of my cheery home my head ache had froze in, my left hand become near frozen to useless. Once I was in the house trying to make myself comfortable, reaching for a bit of help with my shirt cuffs, Her Mostess takes hold my hand. When I happened to mention I needed help with my buttons, she says, “I thought you wanted to hold hand.” I answered her with, “I thought we were all over that a long time ago.”
Supper was Chile Fried’s way of making it quick and simple and good. Then I tried a couple little naps so’s I be well rested to sleep soundly the night. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Thats the way John does it, takes a couple of naps so he can sleep good tonight.