Wednesday, January 21, 2009

They’ve made me sick

Now you've got to watch them doctors, Ricky. Don't take them guys for granted a moment as I had. I've had four of them all a one time prescribing medications for me lung and heart diseases.
I don't know why they wasted my time with repetitive paper work detailing my prescriptions amounts and routines PLUS medical records from the previous physicians, if they weren't going to look at them first before duplicating my taken prescriptions.
I don’t know yet for sure, as bad as I’ve been feeling the last four months, has this headache filled period been brought on from prescription drug over dosing?
As much as I rely upon my primary care giver’s trust, I’m finding he’s days he’s missed a potential problem until we shared a weather slow day together, he might have found my problem, listening to him saying, “Oh my God?”
With this revelation I took up my prescriptions with my pharmacist. While he had thought all my medications were with in reasons, he took stock in them and his getting together with my primary doctor they are working on leveling off my meditations.
One thing absolutely sure without these two individuals, in my corner, I’d have left my Frieda alone a long time ago. Worst part, this cussed headache by whatever cause? Best part through this ordeal they’re taking much better care of me these days. So ask questions of your primary Doctor and Pharmacist after each specialist’s clinical appointment, religiously.
Besides, I ain’t had enough on you, Ricky, to unmercifully picked on you yet.
Opps! Where’d this home front come from???
We were talking much about nothing when all of a sudden from out nowhere Frieda experiences a romantic moment and says to me while I’m reach over her to turn off a table lamp. “Whenever we were having dinner out, you so good looking, I liked looking across our table at you.” I in turn answered her, “I’ve always enjoyed looking your way too dear particularly if there were a mirror right behind you.”
Now, I want to know what’d I done wrong agreeing with her? Wimmin? };^D
I missed the daylight Inaugural program…..
......staying home.
I did however manage to catch most of the better bits and pieces in all night reruns entertaining me when nature awakened me for another dark side of our earth’s water hauling runs to the letting it all out in the library's holy throne.
I’d have gone DC, really, if it hadn’t been for the fact my presents would have denied somebody else’s only standing room. See, I let my courtesy shine through every once awhile.
Wimmin? One in particular!
I ain’t disguting it with her anymore. About five weeks or so ago I had managed to talk our family health care giver into extending Frieda’s prescriptions beyond those days when we were deluged with freezing rains and sleet storms, for her understandable fears of slipping and falling. I can understandably understand her feeling as I was one who’d wouldn’t want her falling on me.
Well, a couple/four days ago I tried getting her out of this house and into Doc’s office for one of her biannual checkups. This is when they do a whole bodily work up: EKG, breathing tests, blood draws, water specimens, the usual checks so’s nobody’s trying to treat a corpse.
So, it’s come to pass, she’s a-making a liar out of me, saying for herself, “I don’t need to see Doc right now. I have enough medication to last me another whole month.”
Now it is in her mind there was no way through out our disgustions could I/was I going to get her mind set reasoning changed were I going to move her out of this house on some non-slip dry creaky/crunchy footing to fulfill my promise to Doc. (grrr)
Wimmin? One in particular! BGKC.

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Paula said...

I'm glad they are taking better care of you now. You know you and Frieda are an important part of this cyber land.