Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1-20-o9 My day (Wow! Three entry in one day)

I hurt getting up, moving around all day, during meals, during chores, shopping for drug, computing, going to bed. If it weren’t my back screaming at me bending or straightening up, it were the lightening strikes to my left temple and eye area beaning to the power 0. And if either of these did or didn’t take a rest and if one of them did, I been suffering indigestion most of the day.
What I accomplish? Loaded two fat assed steers at dawn for the livestock exchange. Fat just like the meat packers want them. Hazardous to my health if I were to eat one of them???
Worked putting Leland tractor back together. New water pump is in, as well as fan. Next parts found new part had been changed, old parts needed modifying and a couple new bolts. This it in Shorthorn country. BGKC.

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