Thursday, January 22, 2009

Busy day

A wonder I got anything done. Anytime Bro’ involves me in his projects, his being a poor time manager, he wastes my time.
Started out working on Leland for today’s amusement. Installed Alternator with plastic case I had repaired glueing it together last night. Installed the fan belt what didn’t fit, traded it for another what didn’t fit. As it had nothing left for future tightening adjustments. About time getting disgusted Bro’ shows up and drags me into his activities. We go weigh stock trailer. He’s sold three steers. And, wanted a close accurate scale. I joined him as he wished, even to temporarily loading and weighing the livestock.
As long as Bro’ had used my time I let him run into town for a couple more belts on his time; while, I went home for lunch. I had even changed two sparkplugs in Ollie gasser and fed my lady friends. Thinking I had it made, Bro’ of course showed with belts and another time consuming idea. It’d be late afternoon, before I’d had talked Handy into given me a hand. Ashamedly, after I had laid out my tractor assembly problem I let Handy fix it. Excuse, “My hands aren’t as strong as they used to be. Can you help me out here!” and it all worked out fine. Tomorrow, I should have tractor back together,…. I hope. BGKC.

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