Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Almanac weather lessons

So many folks have naught but complained about the weather. "Knock on wood" We've had it rather easy in Michigan. Our weather forecaster's have already told us we've had record numbers of snow depths. New record set and winter isn’t over yet. What we haven't had were heavy wind storms turning this snow into blizzards and closing roads. The Weather, it'll turn back again. Meanwhile Spring is near 7wks away and April 1st is still most 9wks away.
What I'm looking at is the width some winter storms have taken to rumble up the Mississippi and Ohio valleys. Unreal!
My 1st almanac Lesson: As I see the weather we'll see our easiest Michigan winter weather next year following the almost predictable changes following the planet and planets cycles. There are two orbital planet cycles: One every 7yrs (or so) and another every 11yrs (or so) and when they so closely cycle every 21yrs that's when our earth experiences the highest tides around the world. A state of Maine community moves inland from the Atlantic every 21yrs, people along the Amazon move back away from that river backing up hundreds of miles. Wonder if I'm right? I've 72yrs watching this phenomena. You look it up! The next and last weather influences lesson tomorrow.
Damn it all. I woke up to a cold house. Trying kicking the dragon in the ass didn’t wake it up. I don’t know how it can stand a cold dungeon. The iron dragon refusing to statr let alone move I found it’s detached belly the poor iron dragon was hungry and badly in need of some fluid nourishment to support a fire within it second belly. The wood stove acted finicky as if it needed the fire wood fed it had prewarmed. I had to draw a line… I stacked it full, poured some go juice over the wood fuel, added some bits and prices of paper, took a match, striking it, I had set it all on fire. } :^D
Widened awake, I’ve tomorrow an appointment at UM An Arbor, I’ve quit taken some medications what weren’t prescribed but working that have been keeping my head on straight. One a barbiturate in the morning, the other an opiate laced acetaminophen if needed in the evening. The idea is trying to be drug free for tomorrow’s appointment so the hospital staff will see and hopefully understand my plight. I don’t know if I can take it. Already a couple hr’s past self prescribed time, I’m taking repeated lightening strikes and beatings to my temple. Suggestions?
By the time my day had ended I’d sadly been by the bank for, moneys I hadn’t spent for fuel oil the last 3 / 4 years. I’d also put in a shop afternoon bolting the rebuilt engine block to the JD’s drive train.
All in all it wasn’t a bad day.

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loopymamain06 said...

I hope they can help ya out at UM today, Fern. Let us know. sparkys back