Thursday, January 29, 2009

Comedy of errors

Late getting off the line, weather backing up travel time, missing Ann Arbor’s “H” exit, seemingly going around in three more exit circles, my mixed up Bro’ finely gotten us headed right, I was were I was supposed to be only 15 minutes late, ten of then minutes having checked all them expressway exit sums.
A well organized hospital I solicited instructions inside lobby door, “Look for Neurology department under sign “C.” …. Under sign “C?” I wondered. “C” for neurology?“ which way was that?” Long wide corridors, I was lost where I stood. Taking some steps south, I found it, Neurology right under the sign “C” completely totally by accident, stopping for more directions, there it was, right in front of me.
Supposedly trying to apologize my lateness the receptionist already knew me, calling me by name as I walked in the door. “Had she heard of me before this? Had my fame gone before me?” I wondered. I start to say, “I’m sorry…….” The receptionist tells me, “We’re just glad you made it.” and handed me a clip board and pen, “Just fill out what I haven’t crossed off.” I took a seat and just as I was turning to page two my Doctor come out asking for me. Taking my paper’s with me I followed him into one of them little cubicles, only with a door on it.
BP of course, light in the eyes, socks and shoes removed, questions, more questions, looking over advanced records and prior reports, rubber hammered, hands on neck and four nerve blocker steroid shots (cortisone?) in back my neck, and three prescriptions for progressive taking and a four month check up (appointment mailed later) and I was almost out of there. Now if he hadn’t wanted me to get bare footed away from him, I’d stayed anyway. I hadn’t gone all that way if I hadn’t wanted help. Bare footed???
Near back at reception it hadn’t mattered if I had completed the paper work. They’d told me they didn’t need it anyway. They’d already had most of it. “Me?” I’m wondering if the paper work weren’t but a ploy to keep me busy until called????
The shots already working, I’m feeling rather thick top my neck right between my ears, I ain’t worried about headache anymore. LMAO!
Now, a bit later I go to my pharmacist and he’s denied filling my new prescriptions. Insurer’s excuse, “Not covered!” What the H3LL is this they can decide what I may or may not need? Or, is it the so called insurance company(?) a pharmaceutical manufacturer what can’t make A profit upon A senior citizen’s drug they don’t manufacture?
Then getting back, Her Mostess is suggesting I’ve got arthritis of the brain or brain arthritis. She’s a big help. Whatever wasn’t I thinking with fifty some years ago. This is what I get with only one thing on my mind, my wanting her ____?*
When I look at the bankers, corporate officers embezzlements, Wall Street bonuses, stock brokers real and unreal joining in scamming millions of hard working peoples out of their savings, their homes on top of jobs. Maybe we’re all missing the boat? Perhaps we need to teach our kids “Crooked 101” higher educational courses, just to sort of even things out!
Got back so late, lunch so late, drug store so late, Ugly quit on road so late, Ugly towed home so late, chores so late, it’s been a back sliding day all so late! I’ve likely a frozen fuel something or other. If I remember right, the fuel filter is in the carburetor that ‘80 Ugly chebby truck.
Fuel oil came today. My sporting an all new given headache I’m taking it till tomorrow morning before the bleed and prime that dragon’s heart for its fire breathing heat to warm the first floor’s souls. Even as easy a job this’ll be, making no mistakes it’ll all wait until tomorrow. BGKC.

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RickyB said...

I just hope I have your energy when I get to be your age