Friday, January 9, 2009

Busy busy-day all day

The aching back what followed me everywhere yesterday I had finally left it behind me keeping meself on the move all day. And only three head ache bouts a couple/three strikes each. That is an improvement.
Handy calling me needing ride over to the Crossroads. What the heck, Frieda had been working on a three day old shopping list. Hey, I took care of that as well. Hardest item to fill was reading spice container labels looking for spices made up without pepper. Until she makes up her mind, my only thought left is she’ll have to settle for the purest unadulterated spices and mix her own concoctions.
Had to go for grain, have it weighed, and find out when the church free clothing sale was on, and boarded two tractors for moving wagons loaded and unloaded until feeders swapping in repair for feeders needing repair around here. That driveway, I talked about a month ago, is still on the drive, healthily well insulated and still causing the loss of traction whatever I do on it, it’s slip and slide still there. Nature can be so what comes naturally funny.
Moved wood to house about noon. Finally finished unloading it at 8:00 this evening. It has been a good day. BGKC.

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