Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day light thoughts

Waking a bit later than the usual time (or whether the usual way) I must have had a great day yesterday. One of yesterday’s more appreciative blessing’s. A mere half hour skirmish was still persistent to remind me I’m vulnerable to one of natures unpleasant companions.
Then there was an unwarranted observation upon myself. Nobody here had asked me for. I had ridiculously blurted out an admission. It started with “Why didn’t you turn the light on before you sat down.” she’d asked. I said, “I like to sit in the dark. My eye’s itch less upon my rising.” Then as true to form, I’d completely forgotten what that admission __word___ was what should have been written here __in the blank space____.
However I also had another ridiculous thought oddly self serving over a couple personal observations over things I had managed to do to myself that I, at the time, I considered quite serious medical problems. The first one was some years ago. Truthfully as serious as I thought I might have been ill over a serious matter, I had sought the noble diagnosis and treatment for pains in my right side shoulder, arm and hand from a learned man of science, I sought out my physician’s knowledge and treatment.
Everything had checked out. I had a pulse, I was breathing, and had walked into his office under my own power. He likely gave me a gazebo. It was rather tasteless pill, know that remember it, for in the end it was exactly what I had happened to do to myself, what turned out to be a self inflicted condition I interpreted as serious, a later time and day.
Now I shall backup upon my assumed ailment what had actually started in the honeymoon bedroom via way of my beloved routines what normally didn’t necessarily happen between a man and his life‘s wife. As it was we had slept together like grandma‘s finest Sunday silver what she best kept in the felt lined silver case her table service had come in.
I had liked our sleeping arrangement finding comfort in our way of settling in for a nights sleep. I might even had reveled in it, both of us in our way.
First married our combined retiring, (and I mean combined) my darling wife had taken the place of my teddy bear. Poor Teddy (and I mean poor Teddy, but that‘s another story…….). And as a child I used to find poor Teddy come dawn somewhere on the floor either along side or under the bed checking that area out and collecting dust bunnies for me. Annoying it was some ensuing mornings, I’d find my honey missing. Looking for her I’d never found her beside nor understandably under the bed. But rather curled up on a coach or chair somewhere in the house. Each time I asked her what happened? I had wondered if she no longer liked or loved me? Naugh, not after the way we’d behaved between the sheets last time exchanging siliva. It took about three of these missing person‘s search and the recovering her delightful body wrapped in a blanket rather than my arms, did she finnnnnnaly tell me the cause and her slippering self offensive salvation.
Through discussion I learned of her problem? Me! I was an arm flailing windmill sleeper. The back of my elbow had perhaps back whacked her person somewhere in the dark of night. Hardest on her part to take it, was on her nose. Then again I might have choked her to death had she not the strength I had seen within her to take care of herself. She merely lifted the inside of my elbow off her neck when I had rolled the opposite whole way over to near choke her. While this woke her up, I had never felt a thing.
From that day on I had before me the prettiest girl to protect, cherish, and hold onto if I weren’t going to freeze to death sleeping alone. I had already given up Teddy’s fuzzy coat.
Any number of solutions before me, I only remember one of them. And as simple as it might have been from that day on it’d hurt me more than her, but, it worked. The last thing I was ever to do under the covers from that night on, I slept on my hands until I don’t remember how long before I hadn’t wind-milled again for sure. I’m sure my wind-milling affliction’s burden had been eased from my subconscious. Which was about another eight months ahead of us. But, that is yet for true another story…….
So, it was later, I had somehow managed to roll myself either on top one of my old solutions for anti-wind-milling, or I believe I had taken to rolling even further over to bring on a new misery. Perhaps more recently I had rolled a little further perhaps a few to many times to hold closer each time either one us had left the other alone, only to be met with a brand new reunion. This might have been the start of my misery again drawing us ever physically closer maybe perhaps closer than we had been ever before. It had to have been my laying on that shoulder and arm again what had cut off the circulation blood’s coming and going, plus the pinching of the nerves in that arm and hand to cause the Lord given awful pains I was unknowingly inflicting upon myself.
Unknowing all my pain self inflicted, nothing further than what Doc had done giving me than them no-where pills did I figure the dumb problem out for myself. I swear there’re day’s I’m my own worst enemy.
What a colossal sunshiny day for going to a farm auction. This was a good one. Nobody selling any body’s gathered homestead’s lifetime history. It was a consignment auction those thing neighbors no longer needed up for more neighbors given a chance at changing ownership for their individual needs. I had a good time, regardless, seeing only one individual I hadn’t seen for years mistakenly admitted he’d known me. Well! Not really! Many years ago our having shared some county fair good times, on day’s when he couldn’t make the fair scene to look after his animals, a couple my kids looked after then walking, watering, feeding them, keeping the animals bedding changed and clean for him and his family. In spite the whole width of the county between our households, in those days, our families melded for a week and a couple days every year.. Those times were another part of some fun time easy Summer days.
HOLY MEDICINE MAN, I hadn’t had a single visit from the headachen spiker! Even skipping the normal interest in that pain chasing bottle of feeling better magic. I was no taker today, all day! It’s felt so good, this freedom’s return. I can only hope those paining attachments leave me for good!
Getting back so late the afternoon, by time I had lunch, I didn’t imagine it enough daylight between then and sundown to start anything new.
Now what? Me think’s me’s written enough of this. BGKC.


Paula said...

Frieda needed a pair of hand cuffs to keep your arms from flailing about. On the other hand you may have lifted them up together and conked her on the head with the hard hand cuffs.

Patria said...

Hello Fernan, thanks for reminding me about your blog. I forget how much I enjoy reading you.