Monday, January 5, 2009

Tricycle thoughts

Saw me a 24" tricycle (grany) the other day. Got me thinking. I add a five horse (max hp) motor plus a basket front and rear I'd have me a fair weather un-license-able inexpensive mode of (35 > 45 mph) penny pinching transportation.
Hmmm, Giving this a wee bit further thought I wonder what it take to make it a quadra-cycle from scratch.
Hmmm, I’d need that viewed tricycle’s rear axel differential, and some molly steel tubing.
Hmmm? How about two bicycle frames side by side so to speak? Naugh, I don’t like that idea. Perhaps if I may find some go-cart parts.
I just might have something here???
As it do, grain grinding day had come around again. Spent most of the morning swapping stories over coffee while letting the power company warmed up the Leland’s coolant and battery. When I did get around to going down to the barn to bring tractor and grinder up and over the grade to turn it around on the boulevard he hydraulics quit working just as nicely as if one had asked for it. Shyit! How welcome surpises come to one working agriculture.
Today’s grind was just as full of adventure as last weeks slipping and skidding most of that traction-less day. Seeing the garage chimney smoking across the street. Asking Terry if he had room for a tractor in his garage? We had a convenient place to go as all the equipment was headed that away anyway. Using the Ollie gasser’s high lift, I picked up the loader bucket just enough to move it. Then to move it I put a chain around the material bucket and a lift’s cross member and towed it across the road where I shoved it at the neighbor’s garage. Close but not in yet, we managed raise the bucket high enough on some locking between the loader arms and tractor frame. Them backed the Leland into the garage on its own power. Wonderful. Parking the high-lift implemented Gas Ollie for use later to feed the ladies. I fired up my favorite Ollie, hooked it to the abandoned grinder-mixer at the end of the driveway. Then turned the whole rig around in the road to bring it back the shelled corn wagon for the same old grind. And when the grind and unloading done, the same Ollie backed the GM back down into the barn complete with the Ollie. I hope this last act wont ruin that Ollie? I can’t remember when that Oliver has been treated so well?
Before I had done all what was required of me making machinery swaps. Tote tools in and out of the barn. Put tomorrow’s trash out, and lastly delivered and spotted the gravity box the sun was well on its way down. Last thing I did was give Handy” a ride over to the Crossroads for his medication. I managed to only take 4 ½ hrs to grind today, my second non best grind time I’ve ever done, getting in an hour after sundown. Sure has been a humdinger of a day. Sun shined all day over weathered Shorthorn countrified 20* temperatures what felt like 30*. Why did the Hydraulics quit? I figure some moisture in the hydraulic system had likely collected in a filter and froze. That’s what happens when fall maintenance failed to crack a few reservoirs drain plugs. BGKC.

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