Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Gotta’s

No day off here. Gotta shovel (already should have been shoveled) ramp off, bleed and prime furnace, change Ugly’s mind about running, connect Bro’s truck to implement trailer for more hauling in unwrapped hay, bring in firewood, then actually look for something constructive to do.
Well! I didn’t get anything all that constructive done today. Ugly is still standing still a lame duck in the driveway unable to go anywhere under its own power. And, I didn’t bring in one piece of firewood off the wood pile.
The ramp got shoveled, Ugly’s battery charged, the contrary dragon in the fortresses dungeon has been woken and now capable breathing fire.
Started taking one of my new medications, today. That was just as soon as I had all night and all day to remember bringing it in out of Ugly’s cold seated clutches. Still waiting for a denied third by my gubermint assigned Medicare provided insurer. I’m waiting on the last one so’s I may compare all the included notes what come along with the prescription bottles.
Meanwhile, I’m taking something called Gabspetin slowly building on the dosages supposedly to control seizures caused by damaged nerves from a likely old slipped sacroiliac injury back in 1970 and/or then there’s all them odd looking spurs what are growing on my backs vertebrae pictured in x-rays liking the proverbial stair steps backbone of an ageing dragon very unlike the tin minded one in my castle’s dungeon.
Enough for now. I’ve got to put this reddened old face to pillow. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Hope your new meds help you bunches.