Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I've been set off again

What am I? (So bare with me the following)
Pissed off at some internet boards!
Six, seven, eight yrs ago there were genuine folks who took an interest in this man and my animals. I wasn't the only one there(one particular place). There were goat, lamb, chickens until Kelly got run off. When I say run off, these people takin’ an interest in their animals were (I can't find the words) also willing to share their, experiences, rewards and answers to genuine livestock care questions. A livestock question is seldom posted over there any more.
Some to many put downs and in sums of derogatory innuendos turned the real country people away as fewer and fewer seemed to worry about themselve's called farmers. Little has changed. To be called a "farmer" some 55 yrs ago it was considered an insult. It seems in some small minds the categorizing such independently occupied individuals is still going on.
Little do people realize what goes into being a farmer today entails? Here's some what a farmer needs, to operate: Knowledgeable farming in safe machine handling, state examined and certified in safe chemical handling, animal husbandry taking care of an animal regardless the stink and fowled dirt. Able to reach inside a cow to turn a breach calf around for a live birth saving a cow and calf, Know how to repair your equipment during breakdowns (waiting a dealer mechanic who likely knows less then you do about your machine), capable of fixing a tire what'll cost just as much whether the tire man knows what he’s doing or not, tear down a diesel engine and put it back together again and run. Repair or build an outbuilding, calculate seeds and feeds needed for the next year.
I was an interesting journeyman the days I was carpenter in demand for forty yrs. I held celebrity status even to appearing on radio talk shows for fifteen years, but as a farmer I get ridiculed.
With all this I take it, because I considered myself a free spirit and have lived as such for all my years since I turned ten and decided I was a free willed and minded man.
Man you ask? Ask! I drove tractor at age 10, loaded loose hay on a hay wagon, cultivated crops, was driving tractors and pickups on public roads by age 12, had a legal license to drive at 14 yrs. I was hunting at age 12. Okay I was busy. Doing a man’s day’s work I enjoying all the trappings of a working man at age 9, I had learned to smoke and chew. When a boy to busy to take an interest in girls until age 14 yrs and then I keep my alter personality in my pants. I knew how babies were made. Seemingly I wasn't any brighter than all the city cheapies who made unwanted families. Them dumb asses were proud of themselves. I didn’t need that kind of ill minded pride.
But what do I know? I knew I liked skinny dipping with girls when I turned 14. Yeah, keeping hands off for another seven years.


Donna said...

I'm with you Fernan. And I'm no real farmer, but I sure do admire your hard work.

Paula said...

I don't go to internet boards but I will say John got stopped by the law for driving a truck load of peanuts when he couldn't hardly see over the steering wheel. If it wasn't for farmers what would people eat.