Saturday, January 10, 2009

Good Day

Another good night’s rest. Slept late as usual following the good day. I already knew I had one yesterday.
By the number ash buckets I emptied this morning broadcasting them over a poor spot of poor top soil aear out back I’m figuring we’re more than half way through this heating season maybe by 2/3’s. We’ll see? What’ll cross up my prediction will be the ash residue this season’s ash firewood leave behind this season’s the end.
Come afternoon’s lunch I sort let myself laze around. I wrote a few words on a couple pieces I’ve been playing with. And found I was about to think a perfectly lazy afternoon was about to abate me.
Going out to hay the ladies, a chore I should really have done earlier, when I started Ollie gasser, I got the loveliest waling and screaming coming at me from the far end the hood. Shyit, I climbed down, throttled held back as far as it’d retreat, stepped down, walked up front. The water pump was trying to turn. Walking further around the nose I found the curly tailed hog callings coming off the immovable alternator pulley. ‘Twas time to shut her down and program a fix. It were to shop I go for 55 gallon barrel, and my milk house heater. Ollie partial engine side cover. The hundred foot power cord to home. Some supplement sacks behind Ugly’s seat It wasn’t long an I was on my way into the house for 30 >45 minute wait for the electric heater to do its best shot.
The tractor fixed I belatedly honored the ladies with two bales hay. Well, while it were just late enough I did quietly managed to slip into the house while there was some twilight left. And as usual I didn’t see nor hear a creepy thing coming to me from out-a The Twilight Zone.
One more thing, as I wish I could truthfully tell it, I brought home a priceless gift of unadulterated pure seasonings for my Frieda. It had even been professionally gift wrapped. It fills my heart with a warm all over feeling when I can help a body out. In this case bargaining taking gift off another’s hands.

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