Sunday, February 1, 2009

Love month’s 1st Day

Doc said I should start feeling a difference in about two weeks. The nerve blocking medication must be worked up to gradually. Big pizzer is this revolving Medicaid or Medicare senior health care medication insurance. Latest BS, I've been changed insurance companies again with no regard to my interests. Latest BS company says I can't have all my latest prescriptions.
Looking like it's coming around my getting on the phone time: the insurer first. Then the state insurance commissioner, Senator’s Debbie Stabenow and Carl Levin. These last three individuals like hearing from me. The last two good responsible tax paying Democrats.
Out and a bout earlier than early, I meandered down the road to Mike’s place. He hadn’t gotten up yet but did so when he’d heard me in the house. I explained my Ugly problem and when he’d had a friend come over, his friend and I went came home and brought Ugly to mike’s heated garage and pushed it in. While Ugly languished in a nice clean heated shop. I helped mike throw, tote, and pile a cord of wood in his basement. When he’d finished that I had to sit it out for a few heart pounding moments, and then when I caught up with them younger whipper snappers in the shop they had already had Ugly running. Then I received an interrupting cell phone call. Bro’s 4H help had abandoned him and so he needed me to open gates for putting out bales. I didn’t appreciate his uninformed idea I could move a hinged gate through a twenty inch wind blown snow drift with in a blink of an eye. So it took us a bit longer than the few minutes Bro’ had so underestimated again as usual. Skid-steer implements changed a couple times so’d the gate could swing we managed to dispense the hay bales.
When I had finally gotten back a couple hours doinh hay and another hour lunching, walking again over to Mike’s he was almost finished with Ugly. The heater motor having smoked it has been found to need a replacement. Mike having had fixed my lights Ugly may stay out after dark now.
Making a deal with Mike, I suggested his cutting his three/four cords wood needs per-year off my place for a couple of the likes my emergency situations per-year such as I had this week with Ugly. He liked that idea and we’ve a fair trade agreement.
Oh what a relief it is. Ugly’s backed up to front porch with a load of wood for the house. I’m near ready to lay it out having suffered but two bouts to lightening headaches today. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Sounds like a good deal. Hope your head aches keep away for good soon.