Saturday, February 7, 2009

….3:00 AM a savage daylight headache had riled me. I toughed this one out drifting back into a deeper sleep I know not when. After an obvious spell I re-awoke at 6:30 AM with a variety of backaches behind me. Then doing what I can do best when given a chance I bug Frieda for 4 hours.
Speaking of books.....
Current and projected book list:
I'm into GARRISON KEILLOR of Prairie Home Companion of public radio fame right now. It's worth the read.
Next it will be "On The Road" with Charles Kuralt."
I don't buy books, I'd rather helpfully taking them off the hands of those having no other means getting rid of them.
This just one of the favors I do for other folks.
Ugly’s update
Any body’s been following Me and Ugly’s journaled adventures know from way back, ya’ll know just how naturally ugly Ugly looks. Today when I found out Mike was going to be home I managed to worm my way into a work space in his shop. Glory be I managed to repair three starters out of four sorry a$$orted basket cases. One starter’s inability to function any more, in its reposed state upon it’s death bench gave up a number of its internal appendages for the sake of three others requiring these contributions for Ugly’s continued useful life right here in Shorthorn country.
At the point of being recyclable that first starter had given up a single brush, it’s back plate, and the working piggy back solenoid. Out of all the new shopping bagful of parts I had used the four pc brush set, one back plate bushing.
Three starters tested good setting on the floor, I was later than late for lunch. Did lunch, my chores, worked on new project a spell, dark coming on with clear sky and near a full moon on what snow’s left it were one them romantic moon’s of old what got me were I am.
Even before I had spoken my vows, my mother a good white witch had already started to teach her spell to my fiancée. I never stood a chance. My bride’s vampin’ agenda ahead of her plus witch training under my Mom‘s tutelage. I had no chance. Two women I loved had laid out my future in front of me, an innocent soul. (sniff)
Break the rules.
Forgive quickly!
Kiss slowly!
Love truly,
Laugh uncontrollably. .
And never regret anything
that made you smile.