Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Doc George made a number changes and additions to my try at living healthily yesterday. My explaining UM’s Doc Cheng’s thoughts upon my pains coming from backbone arthritis nerves, Doc George has signed me up for body stretching physical therapy. Doc George had also found an acceptable substitute for Doc Cheng’s denied prescription. Turn’s out it was just another acetaminophen laced with another opiate. Okay those drugs are all set. Doc George while he hasn’t taken away the heavy hitting Butalbital drug He himself had prescribed for me. His explanation, “That stuff can seriously become habit forming.” Well now, the remainder of that stuff is safely tucked away out of my reach, unless I should really need it, need it, need it, need it…. Having had some trouble the last couple months avoiding burning tobacco, I took my case first to Doc George, then over drug zar Tom’s, to even over his assistant’s head to himself and he replaced my Welbyuterall(S?) mind altering drug. He counted out the pills remaking, “Why’ve you only taken two of these in the last month?” I told him, “They’re stinking so strong I couldn’t get them by my nose long enough to drown them in water.” He repacked them in a bigger bottle with a dehydrante. A “dehydrante” bag keeping the pills company while I consume them a couple a day at a time.
I got up this morning thinking I was in need a bit of help with some ideas as to where I might look for one of these…..
Without the girl! The Inversion table at a reasonable used price for a used machine. My thought is with this rocking table’s five minute help a day it very well could alleviate some of my back pain making life more comfortably easier. New costs: run from a low $179.00 (even a lower of $149,00) up to $2,199.00. I would like a good one at a fair price.
With some new equipment suggested prices I was armed with some suggested places to look thus far: gym’s for used equipment, Senior citizen centers, physical therapist clinics. {All this activity was this morning.}
This afternoon however, while I was trying to figure out the ugliest internet paperwork of all mine time. I received in the middle of my challenging paper work with Wal-Mart; a most interesting telephone call from a Mason Dixon Line dancing gentleman a most entertaining phone call. I must say, his calling being of poor taste on his part has to have all his ancestors rolling over in their graves before this day‘s end. But such is the way of sums our wayward lives. It sure was good hearing from the kid. We talked some-awhile before I had to get back to my on line paperwork for the very purchase of my sought after introverted home activity table. I figured it all out without loosing a single brain cell. The machine’s referencing name change comes after one unsolicited reaction from one ladiy I had encountered over my afternoon’s product hunting expeditions. The first one was over the telephone my enlisting the aid of a very charming young lady in one of my favorite grand super markets’, Michigan’s Meijer’s Thrifty Acres. Having this store’s young lady taken my call, and after exchanging introductions, she asked, “How may I help you?“
“I told her I was looking for an “home inversion table.”
She was suggesting, “I’ll connect you with our furniture department.”
To what I had quickly replied, “No, No!” hoping she had heard me.
“Not the furniture department?“ she’d asked.
To what I applied, “No. It is more likely found in the sporting goods department.”
“My not understanding what you are looking for, Sir.” She admitted, and assumed, “Is it an entertainment center?”
To wit I envisioned something in the way of totally different physical fitness employment by say(?) two participants………… When I had finished the table’s body inverting properties, we were okay. Only, Meijer’s carried it only on special order for more than twice the price. I passed for the moment???? {:^((
Later I shared this telephone encounter over this equipment search with an neighbor just down the road whom serves some of the best coffee west of me. I told her my encountering tale with the Meijer’s girl and she smiled and snickered without any further embellishment {;^)) upon my part. {;^))
Have found Ugly’s battery to be strong. Current hard starting issues likely with the starter. About to check with Mike, I’ll grab all the starters and parts off my shelves and see to them which ones are worthy fixing and those contributing parts. Perhaps a couple new bushings, a set of brushes, a bendix, plus a couple solenoids. I’m thinking maybe a look at them all and could likely box up a couple rebuilds ready to go later plus one mounted on Ugly’s heart.
My pickup has always been hard on starters regardless what it was I happened to be driving at the time. Stop and go all day long on a farm tends to eat them alive.
My boots don’t last long either. The urine eats up anything coming in contact with barnyard animals residue. Take it from me, there ain’t a boot made of any material better or worse. Regardless of price or boot value they all break down over the same given/exposed times. Just thought I’d throught that last in. BGKC.
PS: The new rock a belly will be here about weekend after next.

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