Sunday, February 22, 2009


Can’t wait. I gotta share this with some body.
Daylight, Frieda up, each of us our medications taken it was time to don my flight gear and climb aboard for my very first solo flight. Frieda standing by as ground control I went down my check list. It weren’t very long. Where my feet clamped down. Taking control of the dual controls I eased myself onto liftoff. Smooth it was. This first flight a test flight I put the flyer through its passes. Up, up and away I flew. I took it so high my eyes lost sight of the horizon. What a machine, While I wanted to stay up there, I didn’t stay any to long, it was supposed to be a quick flight to see if it could be safely handled, I came right back down to earth. Post flight check I found a couple miner adjustments I could/needed to correct. It was marvelous no longer than the excursion lasted. I shorten the control chain for automatic limiting the immediate future flight heights.
Preflight checked out again, climbing aboard I made certain the foot controls were adequately fastened down. This flight’s flying timer set for a longer liftoff I was prepared to go again. The runway clear, myself cleared, it was a smooth take off. Up, up and away I flew, leveling off at the predetermined ceiling clearance, I laid back and enjoyed the relaxing attitude the machine had taken. Flight time coming to a predetermined end for me to set down/step down.
Only something had gone wrong. I couldn’t bring it back down. I had lost my ability to see the horizon. Flying blindly, I reluctantly contacted ground control to assist guiding me down. Frieda throwing her weight onto my problem brought my feet back to earth. Wow, what a flight. Although, it needs another adjustment, I’m ready to go again.
The home inversion table actually works. Only one criticism, a night shirt is a might drafty, even worse if it’s drifted over one’s face, for prolonged flight wear.
Now, for how well it works, only time will tell. All I can say for it now three minutes on it felt good.

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Paula said...

I needed this chuckle today. Keep that night shirt tied down now. Cute entry.