Sunday, February 8, 2009

It got better….

At least I think so! Three out of five starters are ready for use. Taking down Ugly’s starter, solenoid replaced, and put back where it belonged. Starter work well done! Ugly’s spewing new enthusiasm every time I ask it to go. While we were in Mikes garage I enjoyed the luxury of his ultra-smooth floor to make some kind of fix Ugly’s right side exhaust system. I managed to get two manifold bolts to accept some nuts. The whole exhaust system having few days left in its future I didn’t worry about the sloppy job I did bolting it all together as well as I should have. The right side’s entire tail pipe assembly must be lying scattered up and down Frances road’s entirety. Mean while I added a factory hanger to muffler’s outlet. Both ends assumed bolt in I used bailing wire throughout the in-betweens. Shorthorn country repairs always require nothing but the best in obtainable parts and professional workmanship
It was just another day up here on the farm only much fuller than yesterday.
Ugly's morning was filled with fix.
My afternoon I was down road unloading Ugly's spare parts and extra tools into shop. Chip and I took Bro's wood burning stove's chimney down for cleaning, the chimney was amazingly clear. The cap was dangerously plugged tighter than our economy. I fed the ladies, loaded Ugly down with one tier wood. Still needing to bring in wood.
Supper’s main course contributed, from one of Nature’s best pantries, I had this evening tasted well fed on our corn and alfalfa.

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Paula said...

You just know how to do a little bit of everything, don't you?