Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2-16-o9 Mad Doug

Writing this time as the day goes on……
If this is what it takes, to get Her Mostess off and on, I’ll become the biggest badest mad doug act she’s ever met up with descend upon her. She ain’t ever get her strength back if she don’t walk and do. Sit, sit, sit, ain’t going to do it. She’s “I can’t wait until its nice weather and I can walk down the road.” She’s had her both shoulders and most importantly a knee replaced. She’s had physical therapy supposedly up until the time she was ready to be on her own. She’s had exercise’s instruction for her continued healing progress. I have not asked a lot of her lately, buy to try. I’d have liked seeing her try or I would not be so animate had I caught her in the act let alone over doing it. She exercises?
Yeah sure! When nice weather gets here she may not make the mail box and ruin somebody’s grill just cause she couldn’t get out of the way. It’d be about right I missed seeing her roasted to a turn.
Good Lord, her Lord she’s active this morning, sitting down when she needs to. Having me take her BP. I find her to be running cool. AND, she looks like she’d had some fun even to just sitting and sorting treasures! You know those things our issues’ call crap and throw out. Gooood, I’m feeeling so much better!
Well, we were making headway until lunch got in the way. Then phones calls in and out. The one coming in Frieda’s getting an outdoor Omega. She’s excited. I’m somewhat reserved. I want her walking not riding. I accepted it only so long as somebody else didn’t need it badly. I don’t want any excuses for doing or taking the easy way. What if destiny tags me first to leave this wonderful life? Who’ going to take care of her when my spirit’s departed?
Then I had to near jump through hoops to get the “Your Ride” here whatever its called if it serves your area. She likely be picked by bus and transported going and coming at $1.50 each way in the county. That’s a bargain compared to driving Ugly any distances.
Shazbot! Ladies should have been fed an hour earlier than they were about be, when modifying my manner of dress for going out to see them, I’m hit with one of them 80% headaches (Excedrin #79). One more try taking only a couple moments I better try the oxygen again. Holy smok’ems, I’m taking 6 ML for a timed ten minute time periods. I don’t think I want my eggs boiled that long.
Late afternoon
The ladies were ready for my appearance. Having the hay movers switched around moving these heavy bales is much better than all the trouble I’ve been having. HA! The high lift is alo damaged and unless it becomes a panic situation that repair will wait until warmer weather. And the shop apron has been cleared of snow and ice.
Evening went rather quickly when I got back into the house. I had to take care of trash for tomorrow’s pickup. I put five tubs and seven bags trash out to the edge of the road. That finished Frieda and I were both finished while it was turning dark. We had had enough cleaning and sorting for one day. She did good today by golly, and I told her so. A few minutes rest I got supper out of the dungeon freezer and she used hot irons bring it up to submission. She even rustled up a couple brown cows (chocalote ice-cream under root beer) for dessert.
I sat a few moments wanting to bring my still unseen packaged furniture into the house. I couldn’t resist it. I walked the cardboard package into the house, un-package contents in pieces and see what it looked like. It looked as thought would be sturdy enough. No fancy finish as I was buying cheap. Looking at the conglomerated mess in open box I found the assembly instructions were wrong in assembly order. At least in my mind. I have any trouble, I’ll consult the instructions again later. BGKC.

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