Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I know how to seek help.

Having taken Frieda to the mall I saw an attractive young lady to whom I had to speak, “I seem to have lost my wife and I can’t find her. Can you talk to me for a couple minutes?”
Seeing the concern in her eyes for my plight, she said, “Of course, Sir. Do you know where you last seen your wife?"
"I have no idea where that might have been,” I answered her, “but any time I talk to a pretty young lady such as yourself she appears out of nowhere every single time.”
Another ho hum day; physical therapy, a stop by the county your ride office, to hopefully straighten out a misunderstanding. I guess its taken care of with our senior citizen ride issues resolved. Getting home feeling a bit under the weather I had a coffee. Before long I was looking at lunch. Lunch over it was time for a social service nurse worker for the ageing coming by to see us. We qualified: Frieda still not running up to speed, myself loaded down with so many illnesses and medication. Was determined neither one of us is all that dependable on the other. Ouch! That hurt. And, the headaches are still plaguing me. Not as sever yet still more than often enough debilitating. We’re being lined up for safer driven rides we need for medical appointments to get me off the roads where I’m no longer comfortable driving.
No crap! It took two days shear will power and canned fruit to get me regular again. Oh what a relief it is!
Headache’s back, tired, and slipping on my oxygen bottle for ten minutes. Got to call it a night. BGKC.


Paula said...

Oh Fernan if you live to be a hundred you will still appreciate the looks of a young good looking woman, won't you? Glad you are getting a ride to your appointments.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fern, what Paula said. Only with you eye sight not working as well at night maybe you would prefer the braille method of looking at those young good looking womem.