Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2-23-o9 Read a horseman.

I wrote………………..
Dear Bob:
I appreciate your fondness for draft horses. I remember riding some, working around them as a kid. WWII over they started to become unfashionable with the exception of the old timers who'd become so attached to their teams. No way could they give them up for a smelly tractor.
I've enjoyed reading your adventures, your descriptions, and will return again. Right now I've got do breakfast and gt out to tend out Shorthorns.
Get well soon and be warned, should you be seen catching up with the nurses you'll be getting kicked out.
I write a daily blogg; some times interesting, some times humorous, some times instructive, some times adventures, some times a total bore.
Fernan of Michigan.
Bob may be found here. Cut and paste this, Enjoy. http://www.wagonteamster.com/
Today was a near bust. Was up and out early enough. Packaged our trash and put it out. Went down the road and introduced myself to Spats, our new herd bull brother had brought home. Holy Baloney, he’s four years old and looking bigger than a locomotive. He could easily tip the scales at over 2100 pounds.
I came back, took some time for a rare read across three boards and the lovely ladies I enjoy reading. I wrote some enjoying my topic. I’ve got to remember to go back to edit making any necessary changes or additions until I made it absolutely clear in my mind’s eye.
A cold day I had cringed at the thought of wrenching. Thinking about it, thirty-five years ago, I’d had an pleasurable thought and gone wenching, be it a school day so’s I’d plenty time to practice salesmanship with the lady of the house. But alas, that was then, this is now. Was it this I wrote about?
Home early, three bales hay to the ladies, I had plenty of time to move firewood into the house, unload it before supper, and I had. Then guiltily thought about the house keeping I hadn’t done what still needs more of it. Written out, its feeling like bed time……

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