Friday, February 6, 2009

2-5-o9 ….set off again.

The title’s correct! I’ve been “set off again.” This rant starts with my inconceivable bluntest eavesdropping on a couple “Ladies.”
One lady is suggesting all perverts inclusive all sex offenders. She’s suggesting the most unreasonable inconceivable killing campaign of all time using guns and ammunition. shooting all sex offenders for their acts of irresponsibility and lack of forethought.
Another Lady suggested introducing certain party’s to some compulsory forestry study plus field topping them with sweeteners what’d encourage certain insects (perhaps even some wild animals) into a festive feasting’s party.
Myself a practicing agnostic, I’ve got to use that well written old line (only slightly modified), “Let any person without sin cast the first rock!” to save whole lots of misinformed people from themselves and uncivilized evil deeds, I want to add an little known note what should be of important interest when any of us take to talking a whole lot about subjects (so called criminals) this time without knowing all the facts.
As far as I know a great many them so called sex-offenders were kids, one of the maybe just old enough getting caught doing what was a consenting act with somebody but a year younger. Think about it if we jailed and shot every teenager caught committing a new found pleasurable act in the back seat of every car looked into by a cop, we’d have birth control evened out shooting every seventeen/eighteen year old boy and girl all across the nation. We could most easily become world renowned barbarians along with titled war mongers.
Woke up for an hour at 2:00 AM it was -9*. At 7:45 AM when I was awakened and got up for good the temp had gotten all the way up to -8* below.
Whenever at whatever I worked at yesterday my fingers got so totally cold they hurt like everything, that damnable old frost bite had come back to haunt me.
Things to do outside, and wanting to up-chuck, and bottom line cold (-9*) 2hr past sunup, “Please Mr. Custard, I don’t want to go.”
I’ve even looked out side my window and I hadn’t even seen a Potawatomi, Huron, Chippewa or Ottawa Indian!
I goofed up again! Should have taken the day off for real and done what Annette had suggested, “Call me and I’ll have Mike leave their Yukon home, I want to go yo Frankenmuth also.” She been wanting to go, but not alone, Mike likes holing up in his shop on weekends. And what a shop it is. I was surprised he didn’t have a couple automobiles under construction when we had pushed ugly into it.
Then again had I goofed? The way this day went I was needed right off the bat. Ugly was trouble from the get-go. The started refused to roll Ugly’s engine over. It’s battery tested good, but required warming up just to turn the cold starter over.
Myself busied right away, off the bat Handy had celled me. He had appointment with Doc later into the morning. I kept his need in mind while I went back to whatever it was I was likely screwing up.
I remembered Handy sure enough later and delivered him to Doe’s office right on time, then did some running while I waited. I gassed Ugly, raided one of them “Auntie “M” machines what dispense money when one’s in trouble. I found I had needed some cash to pay for that gas.
Having visited Aunty M my needing buy parts for more Ugly weekend repairs I went to local rural parts store. Inside I asked the counterman for an 1980 Chevy starter parts: two sets bushings, a set brushes, a new starter drive, and a new solenoid. After he found all that I had asked for, he brings out a fancy looking brand new starter in an even fancier picture covered cardboard box. He says, I can fix you up with this rebuilt starter for only $42.00. That’s only $22.00 more than you’re going to pay for all these parts.”
“Nope.” says I, “I’ve got six starters what need fixing. Even if I only get one working for my Ugly truck, two more to put in some old boxes for my shelf, and one for my truck’s host. I’ll have me two extra starters for the next three years, all for the $20.00.
“How is it you wear out a starter a year?” he asked.
“All day stop and going working three farms plus additional crop lands.” I explained it.
Everything totaled including some extra exhaust system parts for Ugly’s unseen underside, I was out of their. I got to say an upstanding country boy such as I am I‘ve got to warn my country neighbors a body has got to watch them fast talkin’ city slickers. They’ve no other mind lest to sell another body more than he needs. What was I gonna do with that fancy lookin’ starter in a fancy box for the extra money alls so I had to take it apart to fix as many good starters what only needed a little bit of tender lovin’ cuddling each with only what it truly needed replaced.
The Ladies needing fed sooner or later beforeing dark’s start I went home, my knowing’s how them Doc appointments go. I headed the 3 mile home. Handy could call me when he were done.
The Indy Ollie started easy enough. Whew, it needed coaxing the day before with 2 power cords and maken me wait. While the Ollie’s engine was running my assuming it’d get warmer my face felt the meanness such breezes driven leaving the barnyard’s protection behind. I had turned into the hay-yard crossin’ most of it alright, only about the time I neared the sought haylage bales, Ollie sputtered once and quit. Two tries’ it weren’t going to state again.
Taking a short cut out of the hay-yard I near swam over a couple snow drifts. I’d likely been better off had I walked the long way around rather’en taken the shortcut. I’d have expended less effort. Thankfully my tux had done well shielding me the deep snow’s cold.
Approaching the farmyard Bro’ had celled me needing help with his feeding. I go, I cut plastic wrap plastic twine, pickup both and depose of in the trash, open and close gates. So I goes and while helping him and during the in betweens while I were there I dug out and picked up and loaded the five starters plus some related parts out of the shop’s pigeon holes and put them in a 200 pound tub for movement.
About the same I time had finished the other end Handy cells me. He’s ready to go home…. I was on my way.
Picking up Handy I explained my dilemma with Indy Ollie stalling out on me. An easy man to get along with he rode with me back to the same parts store where I‘d been earlier. Knowing what I had to do I still sought advice over a frozen diesel engine. It was all the same from proprietor and patrons, “Frozen fuel filters.”
The counterman didn’t have them but could have them in about a half hour delivery. That was good enough. I hadn’t had lunch, and asking Handy if he’d give me a hand, he needed to change into more clothing.
I dropped Handy off and went for lunch. After lunch Handy with me picked up fuel filter and approached Indy Ollie. Each of us taking a tractor side to replace a filter it didn’t take long, even to having go down road for one more filter wrench. Handy adding two more cans fuel to the fuel tank the added fuel put a heavier head on the fuel supply it didn’t take long to bleed and prime the fuel system, and we had the tractor running with a bit of extra battery charging from Ugly. This made Ugly feel exonerated and its important helping out, even in spite all the trouble it has been giving me.
The animals fed hay and protein enriched molasses tubs, tools gathered in truck, we were off to fill Handy’s prescriptions. Quarter past dark I had finally gotten home finding Herr Clink had been indisposed my trying calling for her shopping list she hadn’t given me earlier.
What a Shorthorn country day. BGKC.

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Kelly said...

Thats just too cold...too cold for man or beast to be out in. I hope it warms up soon for y'all. Hugs, Kelly