Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Unsolicited Doc day

I swear the harder I peddle the be-hinder I get.
Temps supposed to improve in three/four days. Going to be welcomed comfort levels for shop working on equipment. Baring unexpected new parts I should be able to reassemble JD 4020 in a week.
Darned medical establishment is beginning to make me feel either like a criminal, or a burden upon society, Some of them are even complaining I ain't anywhere to be found one of them wants to burden me with visiting nurses and therapists to look at me liken I were a specimen under glass bubble any time of the day or night should one of their kind want to come by here and look me over. It gets so bad I'm beginning to get real crotchety about my supposed un-patriotic dutied behavior to just sit around listening to my arteries harden while waiting all these yahoo's decide my medical future for what (I’m thinking) may be financially bled out of it!
Ugly’s behavior is beginning to become reprehensible Having a 7:00 AM appointment up at the barn to load out the last steer for the year’s 2008 harvest, Ugly got notional and just barely started for me. It played this (I don’t want to go.” crap three more times over the day. Every drive I made included the power cord and battery charger. Only once all day did I get away with a start without the powering battery charger. Okay, this was Ugly’s all day contribution to fun.
Getting back home nearing 8:00 AM I had Frieda’s prepared breakfast with ”Reggis and Kelly.” While I was drooling in my oatmeal over Kelly (I bet if we shared a day together, wherever that day was shared, the scene would never be the same again). While I ate, Frieda was standing nude, looking at herself in the kitchen mirror.
She was not happy with what she saw and says to me, "I feel horrible; I look old, fat and ugly. I really need you to pay me a compliment."
Who was I to deny her, I said, "Your eyesight's damn near perfect."
Saved by the phones bell. I was informed the morning chores had not been done, missed up to the barn. Just fine and dandy I got to go back up there again. Getting home again I fed my ladies. It was almost lunch when I finished something else. Must have had to been important my having had to forget it already.
Close enough to lunch time, Frieda decided it was my time to eat. So nice I didn’t have to worry about it, She’d decided for me.
More in a moment! Here’s today’s second knee slapping installment.
At Last, I got Frieda in to make Doc’s worries over her legal. Whew that’s a load of my mind. She’s been all caught up for the next six months. Then he turned his attentions to me. Listening to my lungs I was breathing to well for an experimental oxygen bottle. But I suppose I could still try it for $248.00/per month. Pizz on it. How long would a trial period last? One/two/three weeks. My little old emergency bottle could more than handle that little use, and I’d still have that bottle for any more serious event should (Heaven forbid) cripple either one of us. Bunk. It is time I start setting my decidedly money depleted foot down to the high minded servants(?) being set upon this old and handicapped ego(?)maniac.
Any way, Doc having gone over UofM’s Doc Cheng’s medical reports, Doc George, substituted another drug the tight-assed Medicare insurance had denied me. Doc has also lined me up with two weekly visits with the physical therapist next door his office, to stretch my spinal column.
Me, I’m thinking an at home Inversion Table would be more beneficial to me my use at least five to seven minutes at a time any time handily here at home twice a day.
Any body got an idea where I could pick up such a device for my home care, I’ll be greatly appreciative.
Sun going down our pulling in driveway it’s been a gloriously snowy ending to another Shorthorn country day. Specially having been occupied in Doc’s office. After supper, after an evening flick, after mother had gone to bed, after I had already answered the phone for four good deals, low life peoples (selling everything), I answered a last most interesting gentleman. He said he’d be seeing me and second best part of his call he new where there where two more even smaller oxygen bottles He’ll prepare for me my personal use. Halleluiah. (he he he) seems I’m putting my medical needs together in true Crooked 101 educational’s time. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Wonder what a contrapcion like that would do for my back except I don't have anywhere to put it. Oh maybe its light of weight and folds up, huh?