Friday, February 20, 2009

I’m so embarrassed

I don’t even want to tell myself about it, its so embarrassing. Just the same, here I go. I’ve often mentioned my sight is nowhere what it was fifteen years ago. Further I’ve slowen my driving in recent years to the point where I’m always up front leading a parade. Ever safety conscious I’m only driving as fast as may react to a situation within my safe operating stopping distance. This said, yesterday was a day I don’t want to talk about. Writing is an entirely different thing.
Yesterday morning, leaving the house, I walked right out into a snow squall what was bitching cold blown white stuff horizontally all about me. Having to keep my therapy appointment I drove slower than normal in that white-outing stuff all the way to Otisville. I walked into the therapy clinic right on time. On time I suffered an hour under threes females each having her turn with me. For what I have to go through under all these lovely ladies hands I’m doubting I shall want to recover any to soon. Regardless, my one hour treatment when came out of the clinic it was snowing even harder, wind chill felt about 4*below , visibility’s best was the width of a football field. Having stopped by the druggist’s, coming back out I was dreading the drive home. The snow having increased, the winds as strong or stronger as they were over an hour earlier, I bravely slide behind the wheel. Going to Otisville on second class roads. Slowing even more I was an even slower half fast driver to come home third class roads. Visibility limited I visioned snow drifts eighteen to twenty-four inches deep on the roads, the occasional car or truck breaking the drifts keeping the roads open. Snow moving everywhere when was the weather ever going to stop and top off.
This morning’s drive the same roads as I did yesterday for my therapy it was clear I hadn’t seen all the snow drifts I registered in my mind; yet, I could have sworn I saw the snow coming down, piling up, drifting dangerously over the roads, and even one lane stretches in the deepening snow on the back roads.
I’ve got it! Mother Nature had played one of her tricks on me, my eyes, my mind. I’m sure I swear I shall be right at least one more time!
While I was in therapy Doc’s office had run my whereabouts down and called for me in therapy. That was my next stop before drugstore. Going to his office I was relieved he hadn’t seen me nor asked me any questions. Whew! I might have had me committed. Actually, He was calling informing me Frieda’s outdoor scooter had arrived for pickup. I left a prescription by the druggist’s and enlisted Handy’s help to move the scooter.
small scoot pic
Copped topics:
Seems I’m destined to work until I die. I can’t think of another way living my life. We’ve nothing to retire on as I haven’t had a decent money making job since 1970 and 1973. Because workman’s compensation roles tag back injuries is a forever more denied employment no-no. I have been tagged for all these years. A single medical coverage insurance plan for the whole nation regardless the illness or injury makes more sense to me. I’d not been penalized for an on the job injury as if I where a criminal for having gotten injured. Bottom line, I’d much rather be making a taxable income than what it’s been like these last 35 years. Besides I’m living in paradise and not eager to give it up. Here I’ve fresh air and responsibilities to meet me everyday’s need to rise and shine.
It has been a real drag my not seeing my buddy skunks all winter. If they’re a hibernating animal I would have thought them to be out a few days ago with al that warm spell and sunshine. Since we’ve had a winter’s snow thaw the deer have contained themselves in the ravines and wood lots where perhaps that thaw had uncovered some food. Almost twenty inches snow on the all winter level I’m wondering how many wild animals haven’t made it through the winter. Oh, why do I like the skunks? They is the best little old grub diggers helpful ridding a lawn of them nuisance moles and shrews. No grubs in your grass rootes the moles ether starve or move on.
What a time to follow a job having to pack up your home and move. The old place will be hard to sell and another house will be difficult to finance. Folks in these straight’s might contact that nation wide advertised associate realtors what talk about house trades. I wonder if Craig’s list could be of help?
Shucks, I’ve got to lay it down


Donna said...

Food for thought, Fernan.

Paula said...

Hope Frieda enjoys her scooter.