Friday, February 13, 2009

2-13-o9 Friday the Thirteenth Fun

Herr Mostess woke with a running nose, while mine was stuffed up. So, here’s one more truth, opposites attract. We both slept all night neither one of us waking to tend to the fire or any other personal matter. So, here’s one more truth, compatibility makes for a lasting relationship.
Yup, it’s FrYday the thirteenth alright. Was always my mom’s lucky day. Well for meself, my monitor has just gone on to new monitor heights. And, I ain’t expecting this backup to last much longer. The viewing part is off center (hey, that’s just like me.)
By chance, I may repeat myself, my home inversion table is in the neighborhood. Excited I’ve got to get it today, along with an egg timer, and a new monitor so’s I can see more than this 11” lopsided mono eyed teaser to write all about it on. So small only my good eye seeing print more than too small my right eye’s trying to cross to keep up.
Today, last Physical Therapist day this week, and I’m off. Trying to get away from here drivers were coming up short again. First one neglected to call back, she might have had something else going. During that hour’s wait the ladies got their hay early. Closing the chores early I cell Chip. He was for it. Besides I like riding his Chevy pickup, rides like a Cadillac and visibility‘s good for all riders. While we a-waited our chauffeured limousine we cheated and scar-fed up some lunch.
On the road Chip driving we dropped her Mostess off at the Clio Senior Center, so she’d gleam info for her interests, While Chip and I drove on for mine.
What a time to go shopping. The egg timer wasn’t any deal, nor over priced either. A new monitor was liking 30% off. No markdown on the printer ink short the package deal. Cart filling up fast, traveling light, we just happen to be at the pickup window for Internet ordered merchandise. We entered and immediately I got lost. Nobody at the desk going through an unmarked swinging door I was shortly informed I was where I didn’t belong, “Go back outside and ring the bell.” I heard it three times. Why couldn’t one of them just get me my package? Oh no! It had to be officially done by a designated Associate! About time we found bell button sat a few moments putting on my best face looking like I knew what I was doing, Skip snickering, I gave it up for a lost cause. Timing couldn’t have been better. Here come the clerk.
Paper work, ID’d, package prepaid. Ugh? Checkout, rest shopped products scanned and totaled, check written, more ID’ing, excused, on our way caught at exit for more ID and paper work for prepaid merchandise, we were allowed outside. Making good time for truck we wanted out of there before we started a parade of colorful lights running through Clio traffic. ’Sides, we had to pickup Frieda at the SC. That SC would never have allowed me to leave her there anyway.
Getting home Frieda and rest of truck unloaded, letting the boss lady in the house the mail box made clear who was charged for the prepaid home universal table’s price, me! BGKC.

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Paula said...

I think you're the busiest person I know or do you just write long explanations?