Thursday, February 19, 2009

2-18-o9 we’ve got snow

Right it this 6:00 AM moment looks like there may be a whole new inch snow on deck, may well remind me of '73. Similar weathered snow forecasts then, I could see my lawns sleeping grass leaving the house for work that morning. Two hours later, having gotten half way to work, turning around in a white out, going back home, pulling into my drive in a single inch of new snow, entering my happy home I sought out the warmth of two bodies to share body heat, and an hour later looking out the window I saw a foot of white wet stuff. That was the last day I could drive our jeep for something like a whole week.
The next day, car unseen and pickup cab appearing as no more than a lump in the snow, I wore snowshoes to climb off my porch to snowshoe the mile to alternatively continue work on our then only recently purchased Victorian Christmas house.
It’s still the AM as I write this jotting down items jogging my memory from the net and Frieda. Damned if it something new ain’t nailing me, turning again me, the memory loss my vocabulary. This isn’t one of them now and then word thingies. This my trying to string a whole sentence loaded with words together just to explain the simplest of a symptoms as to how I was/had been feeling. The worst I’ve experienced in years, it being the terriblest and most embarrassing when I was in the U of M University Hospital, trying to express myself. And, I’ve already forgotten what Frieda only moments ago had said? BGKC.

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