Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rain’s benefit

I wrote and posted the immediate following on a couple web sites. (or something close to like it.)
“Go……Salma Hayek…….Go
Lets bring a perfectly normal function of life out into the light of day. For privacy or modesty's sake let the mother put something over her shoulder. Let the freaking prudes look the other way. This isn't something needing hidden. It's life and life support if I've ever seen it within my own home. I see this production of milk as a miracle.”
I don’t know how many opportunities I had had bringing our newly born to our bed just as the sun were coming up. I could but not enjoy the view to something I could not do, bodily nourish a child. I loved it, I loved them, this was an act that brought us all closer together. Seven children, I had a good many eye and heart full’s making stronger a family home.
Don’t know where to start today’s living? Frieda said I seamed rested. That’s good, so did she. However taking my temperature I running 97.5*, sweating my butt off and freezing to deaf. Other than that she said I looked all right. Had two slices milk toast. I’d rained more last night. Had my physical therapy to go to.
Oh boy. I had three wonderful women looking after me this morning, as well the ho-hum head administrator. First girl looked after the neck’s heat packs. Second girl massaged my neck, back, and some ultra sound treatments in the neck area. Third girl took particular attention to working out the knotted neck muscles. Her fingers were magic as she showed the second girl how she was doing this. Lastly the administrator worked on tractioning my neck and upper spine. That felt pretty good. Only, for some untold reason I’m feeling my spine’s treatment will continue to need attention of the girls more nimble fingers. I feel so ‘oh” badly having to put myself into their lovely hands.
By time therapy was over rain had stopped and winds had picked up, already drying up some the mud.
Next stop was drugstore for the Vick’s vapor rub I wanted that we didn’t have three nights ago. I learned a replacement for another prescription had finally been approved. I may(?) have this last new one by tomorrow’s mid morning or Monday sure. Plan is I try it on medication period. If no improvement, drop it and next three refills.
Leaving pill pushers I drove right on by my road for Sixguy’s Farm. Wanted some help that JD constant velocity hydraulic valve for Case Plow’s need. Taking pictures of it on a late model bean and wheat planter I may well nail down one of these down in a few days. Secret, It wasn’t of JD manufacture!
First purpose my driving that way was for a supply of corn. No one was on hand for a few days last week. They were taking some mini snowmobile vacations up north on designated park trails.
Having gone around the block for weigh slip, I pulled that load straight up the primary driveway. I wasn’t taking any chance burying anything in the lower drive unmaking it over the drives crown to park across the drive way for unloading. Up the main drive, ugly and I we cut a couple ruts in the sod parking the load half past the kitchen window. Well, it’s home. I may have to grind for last Sunday’s short load.
Late for lunch ahead of schedule I climbed down everything. I needed lunch. Not wanting to be out all day, after morning’s businesses I still had my afternoon chores to do get them out of the way. So, I took care of ladies needs and then got back to my own.
Down loaded pictures with editing, an explanation the pictures and info copied off pictured part, all e-mailed to brother. Now we’re both looking. Somebody’s got to have it a fairer price.
Now, I’ve got to quit this and back to researching missing parts replacements. BGKC.


Kelly said...

Hope your keeping your supper down tonight Fern. Maybe you are just wore slap out. You work so hard. I know these past few days I been feeling a bit run down myself. XOXO Kelly

Anonymous said...

Fern mah boy I didn't see nary a thing wrong in Salma feeding that hungry baby. But, I think she was not as much interested in satisfying the baby as she was in making herself look good. Otherwise, she'd have not made a major production of it. Could it be she was just showing off her voluptuous attributes? Of which she seems to be amply endowed.