Monday, February 9, 2009

I say Safety First

I say Safety First
Our little bit of paradise was bathed all night in moon light. But wisely I didn't go back outside even after sundown not taking any chances on getting a moonburn. I figured firewood on Ugly could wait unloading until this morning.
Looking outside just before sunup, the firewood was still where I had put it just before chore’s evening.
There's no such thing as doing a farm chore any to safely!
A busy morning it was. First thing out the door couldn’t fine Ugly. I wasn’t in either the two places it usually parks in the driveway. I looked down to the barn where sometime packs down for unloading. Starting to worry about some unseen shenanigans in the night, moonlight enough for anybody to get away with anything, I headed for the front door. This door was the same one I had come out of only minutes ago. Why I was looking for Ugly, all I wanted out of it was my “Northwood’s Shirt.” So, heading back up the frozen custard snow packed driveway, turning to walk up the ramp there it was. Proudly standing with the same firewood I hadn’t carried into the house last night.
Odd! It’s absolutely amazing how may things just seem to happen under a full moon?
Time out for this taken from the Home Board:
“the thaw released all of scooby doo's kills....yup that pup found them stinking carcusses before I did, and then ....he rolled in them total of 4 chippys, 1 rabbit, 3 mice and a wonder he wasn't eating his dog food, he had a outdoor buffet goin' on!”
loopy at loopy acres
I answered something like this, I'm gonna start calling Loopy mutt, 00K9, agent licensed to kill. He’ll likely introduce himself, “Doo, Scooby Doo.”
I doed today: Lost Ugly as splained above, unloaded firewood putting wood in house, gone by elevator for fixings. had to explain how to rewire gas case loader tractor after ignition switch had gone bad. Then continued on to other end to bring empty ground feed wagon back here. Picked up my messes down in barn today. This so I could bring out the recently fixed tractor and feed grinder.
I’ve such a terrific memory, Frieda says, “You ground feed before you had lunch.” After lunch I delivered the ground feed. Having to keep moving I headed back here. I’m cell, “I need help feed hay out back. So, I turned back. Why wasn’t he ready, why’d he wait until after I were gone to decide?
Getting back home, I unburied the snowed over tarp I had started the heating season out with covering the first half the food pile. This warm spell had near finished thawing all the snow off it. Abandoning the tarp for now, I had other things to do. Hauled our trash out. Fixed the trash in the tubs to keep the cats out of the bags. Anybody want any bagged cats?
Unloaded and loaded more materials moved in and out of the lower barn. This time leaving Ugly parked down at the barn, where it’ll be easier to find in the morning’s driveway. And wrestled that second chance tarp completely over the primary winter’s wood pile, weighting it down. Just in time before rain’s start. Just what we need. Rain to muddy up Shorthorn country.

Break the rules.
Forgive quickly!
Kiss slowly!
Love truly,
Laugh uncontrollably. .
And never regret anything
that made you smile.

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Paula said...

Yes stay out of the night and don't take a chance on moonburn.