Monday, February 2, 2009

I’ve had a thought….

Butt more on my title later. Meanwhile sure nice looking out my window seeing Ugly standing by, clearly proudly ready to serve already loaded backed up to the porch with firewood. That was the same firewood I hadn’t unloaded last night. Seeing as how I had shorted my ladies on hay last night I had then covered with two bales first thing this AM.
Doing my thing down in the barnyard University Hospital calls me, wanting me to go on part time oxygen. This turned into some sort of a circussed routine. Doctor Cheng wants me to try tem minutes oxygen at onset any headache. I can’t legally use Frieda’s equipment. Besides its set up for her. So, lining supplier name up with Hospital, Hospital lining up with supplier, Supplier calling me, without breathing eligibility first test for second eligibility test before I’m okayed by some a-hole’s having set the standard all the way from Washington. So now I’ve got to see Doc George for my breathing test. AND my getting all over, Her Mostess, she’s going with me tomorrow to make her prescriptions legal (wrong word). Oh, as I already have an oxygen bottle I had come across some time ago it no longer fit’s the size standards used these days. Problem, I can’t get it refilled……so it’s considered an Ill-legal. Bottom line? Somebody can’t make a buck off it nor me.
When I was reaching for the first pieces of split ash, Handy celled me. His son was called sick at school (or was more like son was sick of school). I think’s I had it closer. Any way I took Handy and brought the imp home.
I finally got to Ugly’s load toting it into the house, before lunch. I guess we’ll keep warm for another week. Lunch scarcely over I was off down the road with the Indy Ollie having to move the ground feed wagon. While I was at it I cleaned off ice and snow and retightened the cover that nobody else seems able to manage.
Getting back home it were late enough for me to call it a day in my book. Besides there weren’t that much daylight left to get excited in deciding what I didn’t want anything to do with. Bellying up to my puter I started either writing journal or another story. Don’t make much difference which as I’ve time to time switched back and forth between both.
Gloriously having a good time I was called. Bro’ tells me we still have half a steer to sell. Hey what, I wasn’t finished enough writing I wanted to leave it. However as the evening shadows started to lean towards dark I was best I get off my duff and on the road. Seeing neighbor I sold the last half beef we’d for sale this year until next Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec. hopefully done before Jan., Feb..
…..”thought” was now that Ugly’s got lights. Maybe we can sneak away on our own running the back-roads all the way from here to Frankenmuth. Got to do it next three days if a at all. Even without heater I can bundle Frieda up in combinations two/three blankets and quilts to beat a pre-spring thaw \in the forecast. Gosh, it only seems like it were yesterday when Her Mostess and I used to generate a whole lot of our own kind of heat. BGKC.
PS: Deny. Deny? Deny! I’m embarrassed to mention it let alone think it. Ugly’s humiliating trouble refusing to run a few days ago? It’d just possibly might have run out of gas????


Donna said...

Run out of gas? It happens to the best of men!

Paula said...

Yep they always manage to change everything so you have to buy new or different. Like you say it boils down the the almighty dollar.

Alice said...

Poor Ugly and it wasn't her fault or is it "his". Come over to my blog when you can, Fern, and pick up your "Friends Award" on my night's entry and take care :)....