Sunday, February 22, 2009

By gum……

I got in some shop time today working on the JD 4020. Made for a pleasant day’s feeling I’ve finally accomplished something. Plan is I try to get in as much time on it again tomorrow.
Cold temperatures holding beautifully delaying the onslaught of Spring’s muddy season. I know it’ll come soon enough without pushing it.
I see calves are bouncing in Texas.
Learned trails started out in St Louis, Mo.
Read a whole bunch of clukes gather for a show southeast USA. I’m wondering how many roosters it took to wake up the morning?
Alice is dressed for going through the looking glass.
It’s either a one sided family reunion on Loopy Acres or the vittles are mighty good.
Our snow easing up, cause I been trying to send just as much of it to them folks in the Catskills can take.
Mel’s still silent, though I’m watchin’.
This is all I can think of rat now. BGKC.

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