Thursday, March 5, 2009


Waking late was a heck of a way to start the day, especially when I’m one of the patrons near opening the physical therapy clinic. My not paying attention to this morning’s clock’s shyness I had to heave to my carcass in somewhat a bit of a hurry. I was on the road so quickly had even finished dressing when I entered the clinic door.
A-side from all I needed to do. When lunch was delivered, therein my lunchbox was a small vessel of some unidentified smelly substance. Frieda suggested we trade. Yuk! Telling her, “I didn't trust it and she should pass. Regardless when I turned away for an interesting scene on the telly, Frieda had eaten it. When out of a passing bit of interest in it's questionable substance to me, I asked her, "What was it?" She oddly looked at me this way and that, speaking, "Why it was...uh...err...I don't know what it was?" I find there's nothing as sound or reassuring as a definitive answer to any smelly sitsheation.
Had another one of them grinding days. That finished I took care the Ladies. Grabbed a bunch of bucketed leftovers from the ramp’s construction and loaded them on Ugly for the shop. Put boo-co bunches of stuff away at shop, I gave Bro’ a hand with his efforts fix a mangled hay ring. Was such a pretty day in the mid to upper fifty’s I didn’t come in until 6:00 PM. It sure was one fast day. BGKC.


Paula said...

Maybe lunch was fish or cabbage, huh?

Kelly said...

Hmmmm smelly..but it must have tasted okay since she ate it? Warming up nicely this weekend here, hope the same for y'all. Time changes this weekend, so we will have more time to be outside soon! Love, Kelly

Mel said...

My rule is: if I don't know exactly what it is, I won't eat it. Hope there were no ill effects!

(I'm back!!!!)