Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3-25-o9 Today

3-24-o9 Yesterday
Holy Shyit, I must have had a busier day than I realized yesterday (24th), waking up three hours later than normal. What’d I do? Good question. Morning, I was to physical therapy, primary care giver Doc George for cortisone shot in my shoulder for bursitis. That took all morning and then some. Afternoon, I had managed a full dance card. I belatedly had my lunch, headed for shop to work on JD. Near accomplished nothing, only I’ve got to take some exterior components apart today put even more exterior components together for multi control installations (crap). Had to leave early needing an extra large load, and earlier hopeful to have carried the last firewood I’ll need in for the season. Going about normal routine to feed the ladies, the loader mast on the 1850 diesel half fell off. Luckily neighbor, and by chance unemployed helper with him, I enlisted some assistance to lift and refasten the wayward implement back onto the tractor. Cost? A shared promised beer with them after I had safely loaded up that load of wood backed up to my well planned brand new last summer’s deck. (he he)
Either over or behind the beer my neighbor’s helper is an unemployed carpenter. The times trying in Michigan he had to sell his car to make his couple months housing payments. Still having his pickup, the transmission took a dump this last week. Now wasn’t that just peachy wonderful. From my own past experiences the first of April is when seasonal construction work/employment breaks. He’s walking. Thinking about his predicament, having been there, I’ve had given me in recent years an engine and (get this) a working transmission. I gave him the transmission out of my pickup, I had had offered for sale right up until a lot of assholes offered to take it away for next to nothing a year ago last Spring for the scarp metal glut scrambling at that time.
My poor pickup must have been destined to furnish organs so another truck might go on living the good mechanical life. His insistence on repaying me in some manner, I suggested I could use some help replacing both my narrow front entry doors with the wider three footers. Crazy individual wanted to start tomorrow. “Now, wait a minute,” I told him, “Get your truck going again first. Besides that my indoor wood pile is in the way to change those two door units.” So in another day or so an unemployed mechanic friend of his will help this carpenter with his transmission as soon as he’s completed fixing still another car in his garage for someone else. It’s becoming a real bitch most folks trying to keep it together around here these days. Now I’ve got a question? How the Hell do these Michigan people pay our taxes with all this bartering and trading what’s going on just trying to survive? What, we pay them in left over nuts and bolts, potato peelings, and/or the bones we’ve eatened the hamburger off the bones? What the buck, these people ain’t got the coin for even UPSing their trash payments to the treasuries. It were 8:30 after dark I finished carrying in our firewood. BGKC.

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