Sunday, March 8, 2009

What I like about MUD…….

……’s the day it’s all dried up and turned into dust!
I tried, I went for that extra hour yesterday. But alas I fell far short the goal. A nasty bit of providence nailed me hard half way up my back with a muscle spasm. As much as the Doctors are now working on solutions to block those body nerves telegraphing pains over exertions, mis-alignments, fractures (heaven forbid), old fractures, strains, pulled something's, worn out ball joints, and given spurs for kicking ass arthritic pains. I had needed an ice pack. An hour later the pain had gone.
Well as it was I apologetically excused myself from my JD put together tasking. Lawd, I can't say I've ever seen a machine with a longer face. Maybe today I'll apply that last part to the front of that machines heart (the engine). I'll draw the two halves together. That'll surely give that old machine a well deserved face lift.
I moved wood chips most my day. While I were there I got soft rain water wet then drid off on the tractor. Having dripped dry full circle I had had enough. The mud getting deeper and just getting to that lovable consistency to suck a boot or two right off your limbs. The mud’ll have it all together sure in another day or two.
Whew! I thought I had lost a set of home-made equipment keys. Coming back home running my fingers through my poorest tux, I found them. Whew!
As long as I was home I might just as well have done my chores. Took me more than a whole hour slogging through the muds, and the muds haven’t even begun to reach their deepest best. Another note this hay yard will be emptied tomorrow. Then I’ll be trucking either daily or every other day. Fun-fun-fun here. Meanwhile near exhausted dragging extra mud about on my boots I was winded and done for the day and not feeling the least bit bad about calling it a day.
Son-of-a-gun, I’ve got to go do some shopping for Her Mostess in the dungeon’s freezer. Hmm, I better be getting off and on before it gets to dark to see inside those cold stone walls. While I walked those stone walls I set about catching up three loads laundry. And out of the freezer I picked out near everything what was on Frieda’s shopping list. Shy one item, I think we will survive.
Holy moley, almost for got a new discover over our specks (her’s and mine). Late last night out of desperation and just for the absolute plain Hell of it, I slipped Frieda’s reading glasses. They were wonderful. Just freaking wonderful. They needed cleaning, put them back on, and enjoyed looking out through them. OMG, I could see my computer monitor much clearer than I can remember when. Brought the subject of the with Frieda this morning. She come to digging all her reading glasses out and let my choose the pair that best suited my living room vision.
Here’s one for you. Daughter wants get a Miniature Schnauzer dog
or Rat Terrier dog. She’s got a house cat who’ll sit by a mouse hole all day waiting for the mouse to come out so’s she can catch and play with it. Then when she tires of the mouse she lets go live for next time, to play with it again. The Schnauzer or Rat Terrier to catch the mice and do them in. Animals are funny. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Odd about reading glasses. I can see better with the pair I bought at the grocery store then with my prescription glasses. Odd about animals too. My Susie just watches birds and never tried to catch one.