Monday, March 16, 2009

Short and sweet

Eight almost to eight makes for a long day. Made some eat strides putting JD together. Biggest time consuming part is cleaning and degreasing Parts adjacent the yet unpainted clean engine block. The ida is when the weather warmth permits Ill prime and paint the block. So I want all the adjacent parts clean for positive catching over spray that is going to fall off because I hadn’t cleaned th dirt and grease off things.
Ho boy, I think I’m tired. I’m sure I’ve repeated myself and I’m not going to either care nor change a word.
I got Bro’s repaired hay ring out of shop, loaded on hay wagon, and brought home. Mud’s so damned deep out there if I should get this hay ring a-field, the broken one can stay until summer for all I care. On another front, I feel as if I’ve been prematurely drawn into the so called busy season?
I hauled hay, unloaded it, and fed my ladies. Feeding them I noticed four ladies are bagging. Calving is about to start here.
And, if I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it now. Ice packs are almost my constant companion. If I come in with a back ache for lunch I put ice on it. I’ve put ice on various places my back aches even twice in an evening, like last night. My theory is if I can eliminate muscle inflammation at it’s beginning I’m going to deny myself another headache. I think it is working.
Been wanting to bring firewood in for last two days. I haven’t made it yet. Farm yard has dried just enough the Ford Tractor with back-blade is coming home tomorrow, as if I ain’t a thing to do? I asked for it. Suffer dummy.
So this journal entry is short, thus sweeting it. Tired or otherwise bushed I’m leaving out the boredom. So, if there’re any objectors about, let them pucker up. BGKC.

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Paula said...

I'm so proud of myself because I know what you mean when you say four of your ladies are bagging. lol Before I came out here I would have thought that meant something entirely different. Hope you get some rest.