Tuesday, March 10, 2009

a Lover’s-memory-Lane

An answer to the question “ What's the Furthest you Drove for...love?”
Courting women in Chicago, Lansing Mi., Detroit area I didn't have time for going fishing some weekends, while I was chasing women. The most diabolical female was the one what wore a basic little black dress in Navy Blue, she living only six blocks (1/2 mile) away. While my worms had been saved a classic drowning I didn't fair as well being repeatedly vamped. I never stood a chance once she had set her cap.
It'll be 51 tears this June 5th it were love at first sight. A six hour date June 8th sealed out fates. Would I do it all over again? Damned right I would. Would I change anything? Yes! I'd shorten the courtship by five months, a couple weeks and have married her that first week and saved a lot of not necessarily wasted time. It was as I’ve been trying to admit to her lately, “All I wanted was your body!” To wit, she laughs her arse off these days.
Today’s activities included the usual massage at the therapist’s clinic, had coffee, moved gas Ollie to the other end to pull loaded hay wagons out of yonder hay yard. Had lunch, worked on JD. Found need a new part for between both manifolds for heat exchanger and a lot of new bolts. Progress is slow but it is coming along. Helped Bro’ do his chores, he loaded hay wagon, I used gasser to pull the up for truck’s taking over. Aired tires and brought the load home. Used new battery charger engine jumping box to start, Ollie, I’m using for feeding here. I shall assume a new six volt battery is ordered. Unloaded wagon in my driveway. What a mess I am making grinding out of my sod.
Game playing….
As a Lad, I played cars and trucks in a sand box, cow boys and Indians in the vineyards and orchards, and war in the barnyards. I had no interest in dolls.....until.....(blush crimson-red blush)one day my bride had gotten rid of our children, approached me at my work in the shop, wordlessly took my hand lead, and me into our home and the more intimate bedroom.
Here she turned to face me, she asked, “Did you play with dolls as a child?”
“Why no?” I seriously answered, “I was an outdoor kid. Played in the sand, cowboys, soldier, and saw the world from on my bicyle when I was a kid. Macho stuff.”
Then just as seriously as I had ever scene her before over decisions shared, she asked, “How would you like to play Doll’s with me?”
What the? Had she gone off her rocker? “What do you mean, dolls.” I mentally groped. “Have you been shopping for enough stuff, you and I are going to entertain a dolls tea party?” She had to be off her rocker. It took a while before it hit me, “Where’s the kids?”
“They’re with your mother. Didn’t you see me leave and my return?”
Might be I were getting a little perturbed. “Hell no. I wasn’t watching you. I’ve been busy trying to get So and So’s cabinets built. Now what is all this about?”
And still just as straight faced as she’d been all along, “How would you like to play doll’s now? I’ll be your doll. You’ll undress me and redress me as you’d like to see me.”
To this I came out with a long sigh and a naughty word that rhymed with “Spit.” I guess I’d been so busy I hadn’t been taking care of my brides more intimate needs. So I looked at her rather dumb-founded I finally dawned on me I needn’t bother a guess. What the Hell was I supposed to do with her. This wasn’t late evening kids a-bed, firelight and candles, with some sofa teasingly slow undressing. This was broad daylight, a time we hadn’t explored since our honeymoon days. Ohh me, and ohh how?
My bride standing before me, kind-a innocent like looking up into my eyes, she whispers, “Well?”
Not exactly knowing where to start in the middle of the afternoon I knew one thing what’d work for me. I kissed her. I kissed her hard! Oh Lord she had a way of making her kissing convincing, even better her kissing me back she had an exclusive way of shaking my apple tree which proved I had this instant fixation for continued encouragement of the afternoon’s determined fruit picker I immediately set about lightening her urban wear for weighing her down with country wear the blouse sort of sheer plus a couple lingerie modifications down under. Ah ha! Then I suggested we go for a drive to which she tried back-peddling. “Uh uh uh,” I voiced it’s your game and you instructed redress you as I wanted you. You didn’t tell me I couldn’t take my doll with me outside. Outside I showed her to the car. Once she was in the car I took us for the usual tourist drive around town taking both beaches having to cross the swing bridge over the river twice, and back home. He he he, I liked her worrying about someone seeing her. She looked alright to me, and what I saw I wasn’t going to go out of my way showing her off either. Interestingly enough we didn’t play the doll game anytime any to soon. Home we worked out our passion’s play before having to dress all over again to go to grandmom’s to pickup our children. It had been a good day still getting even better when brought I out a couple candles to light a encore performance. This was the end of our day leaning on midnight. BGKC,