Thursday, March 26, 2009

early to.… early to….

Yesterday’s evening finished by 7:00 PM I managed a wanted bedding early. While her Mostess didn’t go to sleep right away she didn’t bother me a bit. I was out like a light for the count to sleep quite soundly. Consequently I awake much earlier than’s been my usual this last couple weeks. Sure hope this a sure first sign I’ll get my body schedule back on my mind’s wanted tract.
Sure been a good deal of Alzheimer’s disease coverage on radio and TV the last few days. I’ve even written a small piece some of my experiences with the dreaded continuous nightmare hosted by so many innocents. It even bothers me. Why is it I can so easily remember apples and oranges while failing to remember an inanimate wrench and its what for?
I’ve even written a few words upon my limited observations and experiences.
The radio broadcasts are urging the American voters to contact there DC legislators to back more funding for Alzheimer’s research. Now, that’s a bit of pork I might remember to vote for.
Now think about this. While so many folk are wishing a hurried arrival of Spring remember the blood sucking Vampire mosquitoes are not far behind.
Backing three day’s up we’ve been promised rain everyone of them. So far we’ve had a mere dampening yesterday morning at about sunrise and another this morning after sunrise
All this recent talk about Alzheimer’s has got me worried looking at myself my own doings? For instance just this morning the hay wagon a flat tire. I put bottled air it to get it down the road. Then I heard it his at me. Not very nice thing for tire to do m,y about to fix it. Here’s where I’ve become worried, to start the fix I removed the wheel from inside that wagon’s flat tire. Something just doesn’t seem right about that?
I got in some afternoon time in on the JD. I figured out the wiring and hooked up all the freed ends to bare terminals. Now if it don’t work right, it’ll be somebody’s elses fault forletting me do it!
"Bigamy is having one wife/husband too many. Monogamy is the same." BGKC.


Donna said...

Fern, all this Alzheimer's talk has me concerned. Did I miss something? Maybe it's ME? I've been awfully forgetful lately.

Paula said...

Don't worry Fernan you're not the only one. Sometime I can't think of the word I want to use so I have to think of another word that means the same thing.