Wednesday, March 4, 2009

3-3-o9 I’ve been reminded

A Texas inspired story.
I don’t know how many time I‘ve seen a cow nursing two or three calves only one her own. Relaxing for a few moments I’ve watched all those calves tap out the mother of one the three. Then as if they had talked it over, one might have said, “Lets go over to my mom and see what she’s got.” And, I’ve watched this happen more times than I may count.
Interestingly enough, those same three calves will have been born all about the same time. Celebrating their lives high-tailing it in circles around their mommas they’ll also have bonded and remain close friends (buddies) all their lives. Buddied long enough they shan’t forget each other even separated. Upon being put together they, no matter the age, jump up and down, do a couple leaps of happiness, Charge one another striking each other with their heads simultaneously finishing rubbing their head up and down against the other’s neck. They can sure put on a show.
Oh, That mama cow, her calf two months old, she’ll have a face of contentment and in a few days will be open to the herd bull’s three days romancing. And, then I’ll see scenes of wanton attention and a moment later an “Leave me alone” attitude.
Let a child (on it’s own) enter (more than once) into a cow filled pasture, let me go looking for that missing child, I’ve seen those cows gather around that same child all the cattles face’s out, to protect that child. I’ve had to let the cows identify me while I also sweet talk them to let me in. Astounding, quite astounding. A mob buffalo stance’s if I’ve ever seen them. Hilarious in the end.
Oh yeah, I’ve gone looking for a missing cow ot calf or both an have gotten that, “What’s wrong with you?” look! Animals are so entertaining.
Tuesday mornin.....
....them east coast cold lovers have piled snow so high, they've managed to push back Michigan's 40 some * weather a couple days. :-(
Mud's been delayed. :-)


Donna said...

You reminded me of a time when we lived on our first country place. A neighbor had a pack of German Shepherd dogs that ran free. I went to the pasture and found them barking at the cows, who were circled, facing outward, around the calves so the dogs couldn't harm them. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Fern, How's it going pal?

One thing about cows is that they confront their adversaries. That's why it's hard to train an ordinary run of the mill canine to work cattle. The cows will always turn their head toward the dog. But, the good herd dogs know how to get at their heels..........gfp